Monday, June 16, 2008

Update! Hunter interviewed by Bea Arthur!

Since everyone loves an update, I thought I'd post this interview I found online yesterday. The funny thing is, I don't remember doing this interview. Oh well...Enjoy!

Hunter Burgan: Before we get started, I just have to tell you that I recently watched some episodes of Maude on DVD...and you are hilarious! I love it more than Golden Girls!

Bea Arthur*: Thank you. So what's new, Hunter? What have you been up to?

Hunter: Well, Bea, I've been pretty busy. AFI has been working non-stop on new songs, Hunter Revenge is playing the Pomona Warped Tour on Friday, I bought new curtains, Dan Kelly and I just finished mixing a record for our friends' band, I've been drinking lots of coffee, I have a new shoe coming out soonish and well...I've also been planning some secret stuff.

Bea: Secret Stuff? Well you'll have to tell me about that later, but first...tell me, what do the new AFI songs sound like?

Hunter: They're great. We have a bunch of really catchy songs that I think you're going to love...even with your finicky taste, Bea.

Bea: Well you know I'm partial to the Stones and Zeppelin.

Hunter: And I'm confident that you'll find a place in your heart for our new stuff as well.

Bea: We'll see about that.

Hunter: Yeah we will.

Bea: Moving on... Tell me about Hunter Revenge's show this Friday.

Hunter: It's Warped Tour, in Pomona, and I'm playing the Kevin Says Stage which is a smaller, more intimate stage.

Bea: So the audience will be closer to you.

Hunter: Exactly! Hunter Revenge is not about barricades and boundaries. It's about intimacy and relationships...the relationship between the band and the audience.

Bea: Speaking of your band...who do you have playing with you this time?

Hunter: Dan Kelly, as always, will be playing keyboards. Ian Fowles from The Aquabats will be playing bass, and Ryan Seaman will return to the drums for his first appearance with me since 2005. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Bea: Just out of curiosity, will you be selling shirts or records?

Hunter: Just shirts and CDs.

Bea: Well that sounds like a blast. I'll try to make it out there. Where can I get tickets?

Hunter: You can buy tickets by clicking here.

Bea: Did you just insert a link?

Hunter: Yeah.

Bea: Cool. Now let's talk about these curtains. What do you look for in a curtain?

Hunter: For me, a curtain needs to be tall, dark and thick.

Bea: You're a man of my taste.

Hunter: Bea! I'm talking about curtains, not-

Bea: So am I.

Hunter: You dirty bird!

Bea: Moving along... What band did you and Dan Kelly mix?

Hunter: They're called Artichoke Heart Soufflé. They write fun songs...the whole project was fun. Have you heard of them?

Bea: Yeah, well no, but I was just looking at their website. Cute drawings. So what else is going on...oh

Hunter: Yeah. I love the dark roast. "Dark and crisp" as Jarrod Alexander would say.

Bea: Mmmm that sounds good right now. So when is your new shoe coming out?

Hunter: It comes out in the Spring '09 collection, which comes out well before Spring the season.

Bea: Yeah that always confuses me. Why are the seasons for fashion out of sync with the real seasons?

Hunter: No one will ever know.

Bea: And I'm going to assume that this is another collaboration with Macbeth?

Hunter: Yes you are, Bea, and it will be a correct assumption.

Bea: Ok Hunter, I need to wrap this up. Before we go, can you tell me anything about the "secret stuff" you're planning?

Hunter: Not if I want to maintain the secrecy. However, I will tell you that both Matt Wedgley and I have put a lot of time into this so far.

Bea: I have an idea of what you might be talking about, but I won't say anything. If it's what I think it is, then it's going to be AMAZING!

Hunter: will be!

Bea: When will you let everyone in on your secret?

Hunter: In a couple of weeks...just keep your eyes and ears open.

Bea: I'll be sure to. Thank you for the interview Hunter.

Hunter: Thanks, Bea.

*may not be the real Bea Arthur, so just to avoid any libel suits, let's just say that this isn't the real Bea Arthur.


camilla said...

Hey Hunter, it's great to hear from you again and get some updates on what's going on! I wish I could be able to see Hunter Revenge perform on Friday, but I'm afraid I'm on the wrong side of the ocean... =(

Can't wait to hear what's going on with the secret thing with you and Matt :D


Dark Flame said...

Thanks a lot Hunter, I love your posts,"curtains needs to be tall dark and thick" you make me laugh, and please can you tell us something about the new EP it will be great ♥love you♥ xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha do you remember what happened fucking yesterday?! Yeah I was there watching you. Don't think I don't know what you did! you little thing you. XD

Katherine said...

you have no idea how badly i want to be the teenage mother of your first born.

Anonymous said...

Bea and I keep the rock n roll alive. Also, I may compliment you on your excellent use of links. I may.

exorcist emma said...

Wow. Thats was. . .ermmm. . . .interesting =]

haha Hunter the golden retrever(sp)

girlisgrey said...

oh congrats on the curtains!
I got a new bead spread and matching pillow cases...leopard! MEOW.

Oh Macbeth stuff! Can't wait.

Hope you are well and still have our picture hanging above your trash can!

Have a great show...HUNTAAAA!

- B

Yaz! said...

That may or may not have made me into a giggling mess. Bea is quite the woman.

All in all, I'm quite excited for all the new things you promise, such as music and footwear. Mhm. Links.

skenasis said...

Your use of hilarious links never ceases to amaze me. An interview of epicurean proportions.

Also, that puppy is incredibly cute.

the infamous maria said...

What is the puppy pees on the curtains! X sight ed about the new music!

Haras said...


Why didn't I think of it first.

Michi said...

Man, that's a ton of links. Nice one, man. Glad to hear that someone besides me can appreciate the golden girls. As some others have said, Bea Arthur is quite the crackup, as are you. :3

Karlye said...

This has been the best update from you by far Mr. Burgan. The link with Link killed me. I wish I could go to your Pomona show on Friday but sadly I cannot. I'm sure you'll have a super time though!

I have a feeling I know what your secret stuff is as well.

MJ said...

"Bea: Did you just insert a link?

Hunter: Yeah."

I laughed for an hour at that. Well maybe not an hour, but you get the point.

Awesome update.

- MJ <3

kirstin said...

love all the links! i think i've figured out the secret too... wish i could be at warped tour but i don't live close at all!

Anonymous said...

I want to be at Warped Tour!
Since I love you and all, can I score some free tickets? LOL

I love your humor. You should write a memoir or something :D

as you wish said...

Haha, you crack me up with all your crazy links! Love the interview, Bea did a great job. :)

Cherol said...

Hahah, oh man. That Backstreet Boy tattoo is rough.

Great interview.

Static Distortion said...

I am excited I can't wait for the AFI material.

By the way nice interview, I laughed so hard xD

Unknown said...

Yer funneh.

Exciting news, Hunter.

ciel said...

LOL that was hilarious, with all the links.

Tell me about secret stuff.
Or you shall die, and you, and everyone in this canteen. Death by tray it shall be!

*That was an Eddie Izzard reference, not a threat. =P

Kayleigh Puget said...

Hunter, you hear this all the time:
I fucking love you from the bottom of my heart.
You never cease to cheer me up. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

propelwave said...

haha thanx for updateing huner! I wish i could go see Hunter Revenge but i don't even live close :(

angelic_cries said...

Haha great stuff. =]
Hope all is well & the new album is going fantastically!

*hilary said...


I really enjoyed the links.

The Con said...

... What on earth?
Don't you have anything better
to do with your time?

Try a video game once in a while.


Christy said...

I always love it when you update! You make me laugh! ♥

danLTH said...

you really need to update this more, it's always good times when you do.

rarishes said...

I've heard that Bea Arthur is a hell of an interviewer.

Cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cat said...

I totally love you right now. :D
I wish I could come see your concert but sadly I live on the wrong coast.
Golden Girls is only the most awesome show ever.

Sweeney Photography said...

Witty. Very witty. That suit and Hunter the dog would make you a total chick magnet. Hot. White hot.

Play warped tour in Milwaukee. I'll make you a tofu wrap and we'll drink coffee. I read a report today that drinking up to six cups a day can actually lengthen your life. Number six for today is on it's way....


Jojo said...

Oh, Bea! What a gal! ;)

Jay said...

Thanks man, I'm having a bad day and that seriously made me laugh. Thanks for that update man.


kris said...

hunter, you're the shit. =]

my favorite was definitely the "no one will ever know" link.

Andrea Alonzo said...

so fun!!!
did you insert a link....jajajj i love that

Shana said...

I wish I could have seen you at Warped. I also missed the interview because I fell asleep. You give the best interviews. :)

Thank you for sharing and always making it interesting!

Sammicula said...

Oh Hunter you make life happy.

p.s. Sept sounds like a great time for Hunter Revenge shows....because I'll be near Oakland then. :)

Just saying is all.....

lorral said...

Can't wait to hear your secrets..... But in the mean time, here's a little poem I wrote about one of our fave things! Enjoy.

Strong and nicely tanned.
At my desk, I think of you
Our afternoon tryst.

Your scent fills the air
Before I am awake.
Ready and waiting.

Strong and nicely tanned.
Elixir for the weary.
Pick me up. Java.

duanal said...

i know what your secret is i know what your secret is =D i talked to eric and geoff who told me it might be going on and matt eluded to that as well a while back... plus it doesnt help that you said a few months back that you were reminising about it, publicly... i think im just gonna have to ask ken if he knows anything more about it because i cant ever get a hold of matt... lets hope it has the old ebhc vibes to it... boy o boy dont you wanna know who i am... probably not hun

CAIT said...

Hunter tell me your secret! I can't wait weeks!!!!!!!!!!


Boxworm said...

.. Damn, Hunter, you’re a cutie. ;) What a beautiful golden coat you have..

It's great to hear about your musical projects, taste in curtains, new shoe design (!!).. All in all, it's just great to hear from you! (Even if I am almost a month late replying to this entry!)

The 'Link' part especially made my day (huuuuge Zelda fan). I wonder if you’ve ever played any Zelda games? ;)

Much love & best of luck! Thanks for keeping in touch. =]

chaoskitten said...

picture of a giant boulder for catchy songs! lol! :D

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