Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hunter Burgan Q&A part 2 (of 7)

I now present you with the second Q&A* vlog. As I mentioned before, I will upload a new part every few days, so check back often! As usual, I dare you to watch the video in high greatly improves the viewing experience. Tabby really comes to life in high quality.

Thank you for the questions. I hope you enjoy the answers!


*Quetzalcóatl and Aztecs? Quakes and Avalanches? Quads and Abs? kyoōˈ ən āˈ?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hunter Burgan Q&A part 1 (of 7)

I now present you with the first Q&A* vlog. I looked over every single question that you submitted (except the ones that violated the rules) and I answered as many as I could. Suddenly I found myself with over an hour of video to edit! So, rather than cheat you out of content, I decided to cut the Q&A* into seven parts. I will upload a new part every few days, so check back often! I dare you to watch the video in high greatly improves the viewing experience.

Thank you for the questions. I hope you enjoy the answers!


*Quotes and Articulations? Quivers and Arrows? Quick and Agile? Quack and Arf?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Question Authority

It's question time again!

Ok...last time I asked you to make up "How do I _____?" questions knowing very well that I would not be answering them. I received many great questions and the "something" that I'm working on is a little bit better now because of your questions. Thank you! I feel a little guilty though. Although I specifically stated that I would not be answering your questions, I still feel like you, dear readers, deserve to have a few questions answered. So...

This time around I want to answer some of your questions!

Here are my conditions:
1. Only one question per person, so choose wisely. Don't ask something that has already been asked.
2. You must submit your question as a comment to this blog entry between 12pm PT and 6pm PT on Friday, March 20, 2009. Questions posted before noon or after six pm pacific time today will not be considered. No exceptions. I'm sorry if you miss the window.
3. I will try to answer as many questions as possible, but I reserve the right to not answer questions that I feel are inappropriate. I might not know the answer to some questions, and other I might not legally or morally be able to answer, so once again, choose wisely.
4. Be creative. I am more likely to pick fun, smart, unique questions.
5. I might just not pick your question for no reason. Don't cry if your question gets overlooked. I'd like to keep this fun and hopefully we can do this more often.
6. Much of the information relating to the upcoming AFI album is either a secret or just simply unknown. Please understand and respect this when composing your question. The same applies to the moon.
7. I will not answer questions from "Anonymous". Since all "Anonymous" comments look like they're coming from the same user, I have no way of know if they are coming from unique people or not. So...DON'T anonymously ask your question.

Oh did I mention?
I'm going to answer these via video!
Now go out there and fight!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tomorrow Evening

Clear your calendars! Tomorrow evening I will be on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show, 7pm PT on
It's free. Meet me on the the internet. Wear a carnation so I'll recognize you...I'll be the guy in the mask. Later we can all go and eat burritos.

Monday, March 9, 2009

They Live!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! The Hunter, brought to you by Macbeth and yours truly is now available at as well as select Journey's retail locations!!! They live! In the midst of all this excitement, I look across the internet and I see a puzzled look on your face. I immediately know what you're thinking:
"But Hunter, which locations?"
To answer this question as precisely as possible, I am providing you with a list of all the select locations. Just right click or download or super-size (or something) this file:

I've been told that if I can't sell enough pairs of The Hunter through Journey's that it may not live to see the leaves change on the trees this Autumn. How sad! That's all these shoes ever wanted! (They also wanted to be the most badass bulletproof vegan high top that ever existed, but that wish was granted the day they were created.) The Hunter needs your help to make its dreams a reality. (That last sentence sounds really weird to me, but oh well.) quote the Bally's classic pinball machine, Eight Ball Deluxe,
"Quit talkin' and start chalkin'."