Monday, September 24, 2007

Greetings, Earth-babies...

Hunter Revenge - "Who's Gonna Love U Now?"

The new video for the semi-new song by Hunter Revenge is now available to the public! It's the first of a few video projects I am working on right now. As you may have already heard, Hunter Revenge's record label approved a budget of $1.00 for this video, so my dreams of shooting on 35mm were just not going to come true. Instead, I bought a Snoop Doggy Dogg postcard and used my digital camera. I was also going to get Stevie Wonder to make an appearance, but he never returned my calls.

Enjoy my video, and feel free to create video responses and post them on youtube. Parody is the new black.

Stay Fresh,

P.S. Props to Bea Arthur for being the OG queen of HTML.