Monday, February 23, 2009

Update 2-22 at 2:22 PM

Hunter Revenge @ Cinespace on 2/1/09 by Carlton Beener

Okay, I lied about the date and time of this update, but I'm close enough. Two twenty-two at two twenty-two PM is the funniest time of the year (it's a proven fact that 22 is the funniest number) and I if I had not been laughing hysterically, I surely would have written this blog at that exact minute. So what has been going on? Let's make a list.

1. NAMM - In January, I took a trip down to Anaheim to attend the 2009 NAMM show. NAMM is a four day music gear blast that is the Comic-Con of gear nerds. To say that it is HUUUUUGE would be an understatement. Every company that makes any type of anything that's even remotely related to the idea of music is represented. I was asked to sign autographs for Ampeg. While I was there I ran into Tim from Rancid, Geoff from Tiger Army, Maya from The Donnas and a few other friends. I talked to bassist Tony Levin about photography (he carries a camera around his neck and takes pictures all the time, even on stage!) and even snapped a psychedelic picture of Mick Mars. Thanks to @flavapave for the software!

2. The Hunter - My new Macbeth shoe, The Hunter is available now! Order it online now, or wait another week and walk into Journey's to buy a pair. Your feet will thank you!

3. HR Show - On Feb 1st, Hunter Revenge played a very focused set in Hollywood, CA at a little place called Cinespace. We had a lot of fun, as we always do. Everyone who showed up had fun too. See how this works? Anyhow, this will be the last Hunter Revenge show until I have new songs to play. I love playing the old stuff, but it would be so much cooler to play new songs. I will have updates about the new songs soon. Keep your ears open.

4. Shorty Awards - You can read the post below to hear about my trip to NYC to accept the music Shorty at the Shorty Awards.

5. Grocery Shopping - I bought some cereal, rice dream, two frozen burritos, new english muffins (from New England), soups, soaps, and broccoli.

6. President's Day - AKA The Place Where I Wanted To Get An Awesome Vegan Burrito Was Closed And I Had To Settle For A Frozen Burrito Day.

7. Begin Transmission! - The winners of AFI's Begin Transmission contest joined us in the studio! As it turns out, Natacia, Raine, Mark, Courtney, Brock and Christy were all very good singers and really helped us out. It was really refreshing to have people in the studio that haven't heard the new songs 87652348 times already. After so much build up and excitement, the time really flew by and before I knew it, AFI's new friends (and their guests) were on their way home. I hope everyone made it home safely and I look forward to seeing these new friends in the future. Apparently Natacia and Christy commemorated the experience with BEGIN TRANSMISSION tattoos. How cool is that!?

8. Mammoth Regeneration - Yesterday at 3:30 AM I began the first of several mammoth cloning/regeneration experiments. My goal is to be the first person to successfully regenerate a mammoth. At 3:45 AM I realized that this was going to be more difficult than I first thought, due to the fact that I have no mammoth DNA. I consider this a minor setback. This week I'm going to head down to the La Brea tar pits, hop a fence or two, and "find" some mammoth samples. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Well while you're looking for the DNA do us all a favor and PLEASE be careful!

Glad that the BT winners and all of you had fun! From the photos it looked amazingly fun! Maybe next time there's a contest I'll be able to join in on it!! Stupid not having a camera lol.

Very glad that it seems that you've been having a great time Hunter!!!! ^.^

Much love!

Sally said...

Haha thats cool!
I wish I was a winner in US. It would be so funny to meet AFI, but actually I should be in a shock to see ya all guys in real so I may be faint, haha, It would be sooo cool to see you live!
Love ya Hunter, Take care.

Sally, Sweden

Cecilia said...

I am so excited for a summer tour, you have no idea.

You'll be seeing a lot of Amanda (@astheycry/the girl with the HR tattoo) and I when you make it south. Be prepared for that, sir.

Until then, we'll be riding around Austin in her tank blasting Mysterious with the windows down.

Midnight X Angel said...

So wish I could have been there!!!

girlisgrey said...

Too bad you weren't born earlier HUNTER, cause then getting that Mammoth DNA would have been pretty easy with your skill ;)

ciel said...

I think it might be easier to build a time machine go back & catch a real, alive mammoth, bring it back with you & keep it as a pet in the backyard you may or may not have.

The Con said...

I bet you could find mammoth DNA in your backyard... :o

Glass Spider Webs said...

You speak of New England like it is a foreign country.
And about the Mammoth dna, you could come to New England and find some glaciers or fossils in caves or super markets for dna?

Justin Mason said...

This message brought to you by the Number 2: Don't be fooled, the Number 14 is just an imposter. I only make morning appearances.

nee-sa said...

number eight on that list might be the only reason i even listen to your band (except not) :)

you could always just go back in time and bring a mammoth back to the present if you can't procure a dna sample:

ThisSideUp said...

Just out of curiosity, what are you going to do after you've obtained the DNA and cloned the mammoth, Hunter? Are you just going to have a mammoth hanging out in your backyard? Are you going to go into mammoth breeding to reinstate them in the wild or something? (<---Your resume would look pretty snazzy if you did that - Hunter Burgan: Musician, Vegan Ambassador for Macbeth, Mammoth Breeder. Sweet.)

Racquel Valencia said...

English muffins are frackin' hilarious. I wonder if Brits call our muffins North American muffins.

Actually, no, I don't ever wonder about that. Or at least I didn't until now.

Also, the funniest thing that happened to me today was when I left work early because of a migraine to sleep, then came home to find people doing EXTREMELY LOUD construction on my roof.

Honestly, the funny just don't end.

~Sweet Caroline~ said...

Okay - so I started laughing when you talked about trying to clone a mammoth - so my mom was like "What's funny?" and I responded with "Hunter is trying to clone a mammoth!" and then she responded with "Oh okay tell him to have fun with that!" cause her TV show came back on - which made me laugh even harder
so thank you for making my day <3

Anonymous said...

just a thought, but wouldn't the zoo or - even better - a museum be a better place? Then again, I'm no expert.

helen099 said...

you seem like a highly organized person.

i admire that. since i am not.


Malpracticed.Dekay xo said...

Goodluck Hunter! :)

Cherol said...

Good luck at the pits!
Do you have a really big syringe?

dannydunlop said...

Forgot the Valentines day ninjas.

Rock on

Jessus said...

Good luck with the mammothing!
I love your new shoe design.
And BT looked like a lot of fun, I've checked out what the winners had to say about it.
Smith is quite odd.

Katie [ShyGiirlsToo] said...

Dude!! Crazyness I had Amy's minestrone soup today for lunch..and ate a bunch of Amy's frozen burritos last week. haha. I wish I had some now D:

lezah said...

You got soups and broccoli. I'm proud of you.

Great that you enjoyed your time with the BT winners! Hope you find some mammoth fossils soon.


p.s. you're awesome.

Amanda said...

Just thought I'd let you know that the shoes are awesome! I got them two weeks ago and they have been very comfortable. I'm on my feet 35 hours a week so I'm pumped that they are not only amazingly stylish but also supportive.