Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Camping With The Dad From Silver Spoons

If I had to pick six people to bring with me on a camping trip, the dad from Silver Spoons would be my first choice. My other picks would be: Gumby, a drunken cowboy, a jockey, and a non-threatening mummy. I also would bring a cartoon robot, even if it counted as one of my people. If the cartoon robot didn't count as one of my picks, then I would bring an animatronic cat from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. They love the outdoors and are immune to poison oak. I can't wait until Summer!!! I'm really looking forward to going hiking and swimming. In the evening we can sit around the campfire and tell ghost stories. I bet the jockey will have quite a few! We will sing songs like "Careless Whisper" and roast some of these! This Summer is going to be great, just spending time with good friends and ol' mother nature.
"Hey the dad from Silver Spoons, will you help me look for more firewood?"

Which six people would YOU pick to go camping with?


Pasta! the Pelican said...

If it's camping in the Europe/US/Canada/Australia I'd take assorted cousins by whoever happens to be in the country.

If back here in SE Asia I'd take a best friend and the rest wouldn't matter because we'd just need them to carry our towels and mosquito repellent

Evil kitty kitty said...

chuck norris, for his bad ass-ness in fending off cougars and being a Maine native I'm not talking 40+ something women on the prowl. You, for camp fire jams and a ghost story or two. my Chelle in case we get lost, that voice could be heard a MILE away! that's three... and i think the last three would have to be two men for either end of my shoulder hoisted lounger and the third walking along side with the feather fan! oh yeah... and to cook meals. naturally.

sadclowndisease said...

As much as I love winter, I am missing summer at this point. Being able to stay out and not worry about freezing to death.

I'd invite:
-Kiefer Sutherland - imagine him telling ghost stories.
-Conor Oberst and M. Ward - to sing some badass depressing campfire songs.
-You - because you're always a good time.
-Me - because I want to come too.
-Obama - because you know he's got some badass ghost stories.

Rock on

Christine said...

Who is Silver and why is he spooning my dad?

I'd bring AFI!! + Smith + Snagglepuss and hope that one of you is a gold prospector so we can make some $$$

Jay said...

You, Davey, Chris Hannah, Henry Rollins, Bruce Campbell, and Ian MacKaye.

Cherol said...

Seth MacFarlane, Vida Boheme, Eric Stoltz, Janeane Garofalo, and David Spade.

ciel said...
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ciel said...

Camping? Uhhh can it be a tea party outdoors instead, say a nice garden...
I'd gather 'round,
1. Morrissey - we're both equally enjoy being miserable
2. Karl Lagerfeld - hello, he's amazing
3. Dalai Lama - is he still alive? No matter, even dead he's invited. Astral body or not...
4. Courtney Love - looks like fun!
5. Marc Jacobs - and he better wear one of his fugly skirts
6. Eddie Izzard - is absolutely hilarious & there can't be a good tea-party without him!

Okay, that was 6, but well...I am sure I forgot some people, too...damn.

Anonymous said...

well clearly I would bring you just to ask where you come up with the ideas, I would bring jade so my guitar skills would rapidly increase... Um... Damn this is kinda hard.. Yeh my other's are hitch hikers...

Kaylee said...

Hmmm only six? Where'd you come up with that number? I'd bring you by default, Davey cause I'd like to see him in the woods, Jade cause I think he'd tell some kick ass ghost stories about basement horses, by bestest Melissa, and uh, Eicca from Apocalyptica cause I like to hear him talk! Oh, that's five, Adam too so he doesn't feel left out. He needs to feel the love too! :o)

ps - my word verification is what language is that a word?!

Cecilia said...

Henry Rollins, Neil Gaiman, Oscar Wilde, Kate Winslet, and of course, you and Adam.

Karlye said...

A unicorn (which will count for a person) because if anyone gets a scrape from hiking the unicorn could heal it immidiately! I'd bring Tigger along, because he kicks butt and such. I'd also bring you, Mr. Burgan, because you also kick butt and such; I'd also bring Christopher Meloni (aka Detective Stabler), Ellen Degeneres (aka Ellen Degeneres), and a spaceman. That would be a very awesome camping trip.

And if any of them couldn't come, Jade, Smith, Adam, and Davey would take their places. In that order too.

Jo Emmaljunga said...

I'd take these fine fellas into the forest with me.

Dad from "Happy Days"
Stephen Fry
Gordon Ramsey
Tim Gunn
Richard Dean Anderson

chaoskitten said...

i wouldn't go camping in Ireland! you'd die of dampness! *laughs*

Instead, I'd send 5 of my enemies up the Wicklow mountains in a rainstorm and i'd sit at home, all warm and cackle evilly at them!

any_mouse said...

Obviously, being an AFI fan, I'd pick the 4 of you plus Smith. Plus my boyfriend.

Man, that's a lot Oh well, at least Smith is handy with a knife.

Prum said...

Oh geez, tough choice.
1.You(obviously)-You've got some kick ass stories and you're a skilled woodsman :O
2.Adam-Double the awesomeness
3.Einstein-He kicks ass. all.
4.My mom-oh man, she fixes EVERYTHING.
5.My dog-Too good to be true
6.Paris Hilton-To ruin our whole fun so we can kick her out in the middle of nowhere.

ScratchThatItch said...

Don't even joke about "Careless Whispers". I'm not afraid to fight a mammoth.

CM Tustan said...

I would bring
Cynthia O’Rorke (Prize Jujitsu Fighter) *
Juliana Davis (Photographer) *
Hunter Burgan (Marshmallow Purveyor)
Ryan Carmichael (Lumberjack and Most Likely To Set Something on Fire)*
Sir Antony Hopkins (Duh)
Yo-Yo Ma (Cello – Cause that is completely AWESOME)

Half of these people I camp with regularly.* I know for a fact they rule and can vouch for their ability to be super good times. Hunter, I would invite you because camping is cool, and I am glad that you like it! Antony Hopkins because he could tell stories or read the phonebook, it would all be great. Lastly, Yo-Yo because he is the MAN and completely unable to be destroyed or knocked out of tune by any force of god or nature.

We would go camping in the wilderness… Some place where you can easily see the spiral arm of the Milky Way without the light pollution from any nearby truck stops.

Juliana[theory] said...

i would say AFI+Smith+Fritch but it would be too obvious so lets change that

Dave Gahan + Martin Gore + Nick Carter(backstreet boys...yes) + Brett Detar + YOU + and hmmmm... ok, lets bring Andy Fletcher too, he can clap his hands around the fire while we all sing an acoustic version of People Are People

Racquel Valencia said...

My siblings, my brother's fiance and my boyfriend.

Christ I'm boring.

DeniBurganCarson said...

Just You, Me, and Adam.
In one tent and one sleeping bag. AND LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Katie [ShyGiirlsToo] said...

Ehh.. I'm not that big a fan of camping... but if i could take some cool people it might make it better.
Lets see... Stephen King (how he could tell some good ghost stories), Stephen Colbert (that's a must), the guy who can see dead people from LOST (he could be useful), The Swedish Chef. Two more spots... hmm.. lets go with you...AND THE BEST PERSON EVER, Cloris Leachman! Lol.

Laura said...


Salad Fingers (I may regret that later)
and one of the LOST writers so they can tell us all about everything around the campfire =D

Anonymous said...

Awww man. So hard.
1.John Stamos
2.A Bedouin
3.Rick Moranis, provided he is dressed as his character in 'Great White North'
4.A bard
5.A Valkyrie riding a dragon, provided that the dragon doesn't count as a person

We'd play boccie ball and I'd totally win.

Kristi said...

Funny, since I'm currently planning a camping trip to the Grand Canyon in 4 weeks! I'm so excited for it! You can come if you want. For this camping trip I would bring a helicopter pilot, so we could fly in and out of the canyon as we pleased (much shorter than hiking if we only want to spend an hour or two down there). I would also bring you guys (seriously, as long as Davey and Jade didn't fight too much over the travel sized mirrors). Smith can come too, that would be fun. For my last person I guess I would bring a secret person (I'm not telling who, haha).

Christa said...

I would probably bring one of my friends I used to be in Girl Scouts with so the two of us with our collective years of rolling sleeping bags and pitching tents could remember some of what we learned.
I would bring one of my former troop leaders because they were always prepared for everything because their backpacks were bottomless pits that could hold every possible thing we might need while at the same time being ridiculously light.
Beyond that, I do not know. Most of my friends don't like the outdoors too much. xD
Maybe Steve Buscemi for laughs.

Glass Spider Webs said...

1. Gregory House. <- entertainment, and can solve anything.
2. An good tai food chef. <- for nutritional purposes
3. Ash Catchum <- incase there are any renagade pokemon.
4. My sophmore year english teacher <- to correct my spelling, and to talk about literature with.
5. Harry Potter <- Enough said.
6. Ether you, or any of the other afi members. Unless you guys are on tour during the summer, then I would move the camping trip inside one of the arenas you are playing at and take nick 13.

EricaM said...
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Amanda said...

I've been thinking about this all day! I finally came up with six people I'd want to camp with:
You, Henry Rollins, Lee Pace, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Chris #2, and Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

Leah said...

1. Bruce Lee

2. AFI - counts as one person just does

3. Freddie Mercury

4. Robert Smith

5. Mr. T. (Is it weird that I can totally picture him roasting marshmallows over a campfire?)

ThisSideUp said...

Well, summer doesn't come here until around late June, and even then it's been known to snow... So I probably wouldn't go camping. I'll give you a list of six people I'd take to a nice hotel in Banff, though.

1. Johnny Depp, because who wouldn't want to go to a nice hotel with him? ;)
2. Vincent Price so he could read us scary stories by the lobby fire (don't worry, I have a plan for brining him back from the grave).
3.Kathleen Hanna, because she's the most epic punk vocalist/feminist there ever was.
4. Bilbo, just because he's cute.
5. The Time Warpers from Rocky Horror Picture Show (they count as one).
6. My friend Kim, 'cause she wouldn't like it if I went without her.

Anonymous said...

I'd bring the Scooby-Doo gang. Scooby counts as a person right?

Anonymous said...

1. Russell Brand

Do I really need an explanation for this guy? He's fuckin' hilarious. Every two seconds your laughing and wiping tears from your eyes. And this guy can never drink from a cup. It takes him more than a minute to actually take a sip. Seriously. Need I say more?

2. You.

Come on. Who tells better stories than you? NO ONE. So campfire stories? Yes? Yes. And you even won the Shorty Award. So you can tell super-short-awesometastic-stories.

3. Jade.

This guy has my kind of humor. He's also muy interesante with his quiet shyness (Shy Boys Win, much?) and witty lines that he pops outta nowhere. Also, he has an interesting wardrobe and a funny haircut, so when I get tired of you and Russell (yeah, right), I can just stare at him and make him uncomfortable.

4. Adam.

Someone's gotta carry the wood and make a fire, so why not the drummer with the badass muscles and fierce eyes? Exactly.

5. Davey.

Someone's gotta cook.

6. Jack Johnson.

Someone's gotta sing the campfire songs with an acoustic guitar, and this man's voice is like liquid gold.

So there you go. Hope you enjoy that detailed answer full of lame jokes and stupid logic.


Drea said...

You, cuz you amuse me. :]
Kiefer Sutherland as someone else mentioned.
Barack Obama because he's just too cool.
Wil Francis of Aiden, because I'm sure he can scare the crap out of me with some ghost stories.
Probably Jade or Smith so we can sing epic campfire song.
And my best friend so we can be our usual annoying selves.

I'm actually going camping in California this June. You should hang out if you're not busy. Just a thought. :P

lezah said...

You. Davey. Jade. Adam. Smith. and Jackson Rathbone.

Maciej Makalowski said...

1) Devendra Banhart
2) Tom Waits
3) Angelina Jolie
4) Les Stroud
5) Shakira
6) Neil Young

Lillie said...

i'd bring AFI and the Kaulitz twins....but thats just me hehehe

ErinParis LaJeunesse said...

1) ellen degeneres. 2) nick swardson. 3) barack obama. 4)hunter burgan..... i'll get back to you on the last two.

GabyBoop said...

1) Mark Gormley... 'cause he's INTENSE and godly like

2)You... so we can talk about burritos and stuff

3)Smith... so I can see him argue with a tree

4)The president of Mexico... for the ghost stories and fairytales

5)Bruce Lee... I don't care he's dead

6) Florence Henderson... because I want to

Jessus said...

Trent Reznor for entertainment.
A drunken clown for more entertainment.
A wilderness chef.
A banjo playing person.
A dog... that's a person.
And um.
Zoe Bowie.

Anonymous said...

my friends mom
my luv
the singer of fleet foxes
that carlos guy from interpol
zach condon & his girlfriend
nick drake's carcass

no just kidding

Anonymous said...

1.)Mr. T
2.)Russel Peters
3.)Gordon Ramsay
4.)Henry Rollins
5.)Bender from Futurama
6.)Herbert from Family guy

ErinParis LaJeunesse said...

bill cosby and one other lucky person who finds us camping. there you goooo.

Theresa said...

Six people?
Umm...tough one....
Dave Faber from faber drive because he is hilarious.
You,hunter most definetly so you can teach me the ways of the bass guitar.
Jade because I want to see if he can do a pushup.LOL
Two of my friends from the church of havok.
Last person.....ummm.......oh my friend samantha because she is awesome.if she couldn't would be a tie between davey and smith.I'd take smith instead of davey because smith is handy with a knife and I don't trust davey with my life.

Anonymous said...

Okay, six people I would choose to go on a camping trip would be:

1- My Dad, because he knows a ton of stuff that would keep us from being eaten by bears. And he gives good hugs.

2- My friend Ryan, because he's one of my best briends, and I don't think I could go on a camping trip and come out not twitching insamely without him for company.

3- Halley, who really ought to have been my sister. I think we might have been separated at birth. But then, niether of us are adopted...

4- Nikki, who also ought to have been my sister. Also, if my dad was too busy protecting us from bears to notice that space aliens had arrived and wanted to kill us, Nikki would kick their asses. Assuming space aliens indeed have asses.

5- My Gramma. Because of her amazing story-telling abilities. Good for campfires

6- Aishlin, the other one of my best friends, because she would bring yummy vegan goodies.