Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Win with Macbeth, Peta2, and Tranquil Mammoth!


Do you want to win a pair of my new Macbeth shoes ("The Hunter") and an iPod Nano loaded with a bunch of music that I have personally selected? I sure would like to win that stuff! Unfortunately for me, I'm not allowed to enter, but you probably are! Click on the picture above to visit the Peta2 site and enter. This ends February 2, 2009, so get going! Waste no time!

Also, read more vegan ramblings by yours truly at: macbeth.com/vegan


girlisgrey said...

Free Hunter stuff? hell yaaa!

Kayla said...

I will most definitely get to this!

Buzz Royale said...

and yay for europeans being able to enter as well

and since the shoes are black I even could wear them with my fashionable asian clothes

ThisSideUp said...

Can Canadians enter? I can't enter many contests because I'm Canadian (*cough* Begin Transmission *cough, cough*). Otherwise, I'm totally excited!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, 'probably'
I am definitely not, as I am a cat.

Anonymous said...

Can I win your jacket instead? You can keep the shoes and the iPod, but I want your jacket. Think about it. It's a win-win situation.

lezah said...

!!! Entered. If I don't win... >:(

I'll just have to order a pair then. :)

Haha, it's raining shoes!

chaoskitten said...

cooly! :)

Racquel Valencia said...

I designed a shoe once, too. It involved tying a garbage bag around my foot. Then someone pointed out that all the winos have been doing that for years.

It wasn't the first time those feckin' winos stole my style. I'm sure it won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

I definitely entered. I love Ipods, you AND your shoes! How could I go wrong!


Karlye said...

Already entered. :)

I also really liked that video of you on the Peta2 site, did you do the music for that? So awesome.

Stix said...

I entered this a while ago. I want to win. WANT TO WIN. Macbeth are (nearly) the only shoes I wear.

Kris said...

I like the idea of if you're shot at you can roundhouse kick the bullet to save your life. Your attackers probably won't fuck with you after that...How fucking skilled is that?!

Tina said...

that's hawt!

Pyrophoenix said...

Wow! Finally they're here! The famous black ones!...2 YEARS!!! ^^

BTW...Don't you read your mail? Sent you twice but no reply!

Anyway..See ya later ;]

Pyrophoenix said...

By the way! GO SEE "TAKEN"!

If you liked Léon The Professional you will love that one!

MY BEST MOVIE 2008! (Yep for once...Europe had it since Feb 08 and the US needed to wait till end of Jan 09 to see it! Why's that? I dunno...I have to ask Besson for that...I'll keep you informed ^^)

Take it easy

VeganStar23 said...

I won the contest (by default...I think that one, or two people didn't respond back, in time)...And, never got the shoes. :-| (I wrote to you about it, but am not sure if you ever got the letter).

I was SO psyched! But, the Peta2 people said that they must've gotten lost in shipping, or something. They offered me another pair of Vegan MacBeths of my choice...(which I still, haven't taken them up on)...But, I have shoes...It was the significance of them that was so exciting for me! (:-S)

I met you, in Scranton (which was really cool, btw!!!), and totally didn't think to mention it, then. (I gave you a cookie...maybe, you remember...lol).

Anyways, I don't even know if they're still in production, but, I won the contest to get a pair of your (newer) MacBeths (I have the old design :-)), and never got them (:-\)...So, what was once exciting, turned into a big bummer (kind of like only 3/4 of AFI being at the signing that I got to go to :-S). I'm hoping that, maybe, you can "pull some strings", and "hook me up" with a pair. Figured I'd give it a try (I, still, have the Peta2 e-mails, if you need verification).

Lotza Luv to you, and the rest of AFI!!!~