Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 New Year's Resolutions

Now that all my bass parts have been recorded for the upcoming AFI record, and I have finally finished watching all of the Begin Transmission video submissions, I had a chance to finish up my list of resolutions for the new year.

FOR 2009

1. Blog More Often - I have a tendency to write long blogs, and that takes time. In 2009, I resolve to also write shorter, more frequent blogs as well. Sometimes a good picture is enough. Pictures = 1000 words, right?

2. Join A Celebrity Gym - Since my body is somewhere between Beaker and Bubbles De Vere (both celebrities), I naturally feel like I should join a celebrity gym where I can run on the treadmill next to people like Phil Collins and Bea Arthur. In a celebrity gym, this would be possible. I would to be able to ask Michael "Biv" Bivins or Conan O'Brien if they will spot me. "Hey Neil Patrick Harris, are you done with those 75 lb. dumbells?" I would look over when I'm on the eliptical and see David Bowie working up a sweat. George Michael, would have a fresh towel for me to borrow, and Jeff Garlin (well he should be there) would let me borrow some coins for the vending machine. On another day, I'd see the Olsen twins and Steve Martin working on their abs with one of those inflatable balls. I'd see Snoop Doggy Dogg and Stevie Wonder on the (tandem) exercycle, and the dad from Silver Spoons working those glutes. I'd also see Bruce Lee somehow. Yes, in 2009, I resolve to join a celebrity gym if only for the chance to see these people, and the many other celebrities that I haven't mentioned in my blog over the years.

3. Learn Latin

4. Quit Smocking - Before you jump at the chance to correct my typo (it's not a typo) or yell at me for smoking (I don't smoke) I'd like to send you HERE. Can you believe how many people misspell smoking? Typos bother me, but misspelled words drive me up the wall! This isn't really a resolution- or is it? In 2009, I resolve to triple spell check EVERYTHING I write, including text messages. You should too.

5. Clean Out The Spare Closet - I have a spare closet that is filled with things I couldn't possibly use. Things like The Force's Complete Discography on 12" vinyl. In 2009, I resolve to get rid of these things at any cost, even if it means selling them on ebay. Wait! That's it! In 2009, I resolve to sell a bunch of stuff on ebay! Stayed tuned for details!!

6. Go Even Greener - In 2006 we saw An Inconvenient Truth and it freaked us out. We panicked, and started recycling and carpooling, but eventually we forgot about greenhouse gasses. In 2007, the Live Earth Concerts reminded us that our carbon footprint needed to be smaller (or nonexistent) and we freaked out again. We brought our own bags to the grocery store, traded our SUVs for Priuses and even thought about solar panels, but eventually we forgot about saving the planet. In 2008, gas prices soared so high that we ditched our cars and took the bus, or the train, or a bike, or even our feet. Companies started responding to the consumers' need for "green" versions of existing products. We made more steps in the right direction, but we keep running into the same problem: when we don't notice immediate changes, we give up and our efforts fade into history. In 2009, I resolve to continue to modify my lifestyle to better preserve the planet for future generations. Going green isn't something you do once. It's not a light bulb you buy, it's a change you make in your lifestyle and in the way you think.

So that's my list. What are your resolutions for the year 2009?

****UPDATE!!!! JANUARY 10, 2009 3:40 PM****

7. Learn The Guitar Solo From Skid Row's "I Remember You" - I forgot to add this very important one. It was early and I hadn't had any coffee yet. Dave "The Snake" Sabo Scotti Hill. Pinch harmonics. Bends. Palm mutes. Hammer-ons. Pull-offs. Dives. This one has it all! In 2008, I resolved to learn the solo from Aerosmith's "Angel" and in 2009, it will be Skid Row's "I Remember You."


AbsentOfGrace said...

Bravo. I approve. More picture blogs!

Pablo said...

Glad to know AFI's new album is coming smoothly.

Cecilia said...

I feel your pain on the misspelled words; nothing makes you more neurotic than being a copy editor.

I think my biggest resolution is to say what I mean as often as possible. No more tip-toeing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're having great resolutions! :p
But are you really planning to learn Latin? It's already dead, and won't help you anywhere?! Why don't you learn ... Spanish, for example?
Bet well, okay, I guess it's your decission. ^^

My resolutions are to play more guitar. Way more.
Oh, and doing more bizarre things.

girlisgrey said...
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girlisgrey said...

Spare Closet? Well hey, now we can have sleepovers all the time at your house! I'll definitely fit in there!

You forgot another very very important resolution...

Take more pictures with Bella to hang atop the garbage cans.

We need to get em all Hunter!!!!

One of mine is to actually master the bass...unlike what I demonstrated in my BT video ;)

By the way, my friend just got "Left 4 Dead" on Xbox and you run around killing zombies to get out of the city alive and the zombies with hoods are called "Hunter".
So every few minutes you get a message saying "Zoey killed Hunter" and I'm always like..."but...Hunter isn't a zombie!!!"


Anonymous said...
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Gillian said...

nice resolutions! mine are pretty lame, just to convince my parents to get me a drumset and learn how to play it...

Jacks1234 said...

As always awesome Blog Hunter!
Great to hear about AFI and your plans for superhero status!
This year I am going to go Vegan at some point and learn guitar!

Drea said...

You saw all the Begin Transmission videos? That means you saw mine. That's scary. O_O But anways, I agree on more picture blogs! :D

My resolutions are to be completely, 100% honest with myself and my friends. It's not that I lie alot, I just that have trouble saying what I really mean because I'm afraid of the repercussions. So I want to stop that. I also want to do betetr in school so I can graduate on time. I'm way behind and my grades are pathetic, so I need to stop slacking. Which means I'll be studying more and actually doing homework...ew.

Oh, and I want to get my license! I'm seventeen years old and I don't even have my permit yet. Fail.

(FYI, because of your little blurb about typos, I actually read over this thing twice....)

Cindy said...

I especially like the 'Quit Smocking' resolution, although, smocking isn't one I've run into yet. I work as a writer/editor for the fed - N**A, F*I, etc. I work along side Ph.D.'s, scientists, engineers - you know the group. You'd be appalled. It's not that they can't spell or use proper grammar, it's more like they just don't care. Maybe they feel it's beneath them or that it's 'my job' to clean up their messes. I haven't figured it out yet. It's annoying and I admit, I judge people harshly for it.

*Nervously clicking the 'publish' button worrying that I've misspelled something.

P.S. A friend teaches college level Latin. I can hook you up.

Ginny said...

I think joining a celebrity gym is a good idea. I think Neil Patrick Harris would be quite the entertaining workout buddy.

Going green is a good resolution. Boston is pretty good with being greener and makes it easier for people do it with programs the city offers.

Anonymous said...

I resolve to do all the things I said I was going to do but then ditched them in favour of staring at a wall.

This Girl said...

Good list.
Haha, hurry up on joining the celebrity gym. Then blog about all the celebs you work out with.

My out more than once a week. Both me and my dog need to do this.

stella said...

Fuck yeah, Phil Collins!

My resolution is to somehow obtain somewhat of a life. Maybe just a little one.

YazFace said...

My resolutions are to lose weight and meet all of the remaining Golden Girls. I almost saw Bea Arthur once but missed my chance. I shan't be foiled again!

Awkward Librarian said...

We have very similar NY resolutions, except I want to learn German instead of Latin, and I just had a bunch of junk everywhere instead of in a spare closet. It is all going to half price books or library donations though, because ebay is time consuming.

Also, pictures really do spice up life.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, The Hulk. Nice. I must say those are some fine New Year's Resolutions my friend.

My New Year's Resolutions are something like: More exercise, more writing, more school, more money.


And can I just say (if you remember, of course) that the girl that did the Begin Transmission video with the blurthquake at the end is my girlfriend? Yes, she is very special and I love her to death.

(: (That's a backwards smiley, and it's very unique and special in it's own way)

(:< (This is the walrus smiley. If you turn your head to the left, it looks like walrus. Yeah.)


Lori said...

YaY for you & your resolufeklenfjtons~oops! I mean, resolutions.

Lori said...
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ThisSideUp said...

I don't have a resolution list (if I want to make a change in my life, I usually just do it; I don't wait around for a special occasion to come along...), but I think yours is totally fabulous! I'm especially fond of the spelling one; that annoys the hell out of me, too.

ChristyVegasDF said...

I like pictures, and I also like your hand writing. Great Blog, as usual.
Hopefully you enjoyed my video, along with the other 813. [:
I once met Phil Collins in an elevator, in some Vegas hotel.
It was pretty neat, I then saw him two more times, in a different elevator a day later. o.O

Ebon said...

The Greener resolution is the best one. But I'll remember you is an intresting choice.

But I must contest the spelling everything right one. As someone that has always spelled things wrong every year i try and learn how to spell more and more words well but its harder then you think when you have a block in doing it well.

camilla said...

Your resolutions are quite good, I must say. We do like picture blogs! :D

Karlye said...

Those are fantastic resolutions! Be sure to tell us when you resolve a resolution. :)

My only two resolutions are to be better at life in general and to get better in Photography. There's a lot of room for improvement in those areas.

And it's so great that you've finished recording your parts! Totally just made my day.

Zaina R Ahmed said...

I like long blogs :P
short ones bother me

ciel said...

Pictures are - sometimes - even better than words.

DeniBurganCarson said...

HAHAHA Beaker. I would think Dr. Bunsen Honeydew would suit you better (cuz he's smart and so are you).
Davey has Beaker's hair style (hahaha just kidding).

Racquel Valencia said...

Latin's a cinch. Then again, I'm Catholic. I came out the womb knowing how to repent in a dead language.

sarah jane said...

i love skid row's i remember you. good luck with learning it- i know you'll master it.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Seriously? I'd rather you take the time to write a long blog than write a lot of short blogs. What I would like best is a lot of long blogs. XD <3

Joey said...

Res secundae!

AFI - LaTiNo said...

Suerte Hunter:D

saludos :D

Haras said...

"smocking" sounds like what it would be called if someone threw a smock at you and ran away.

Meredith said...

Resolutions 3 and 4 are my favorites, although going green(er) is pretty good too. Good luck with the Latin; just trying to learn enough for anatomy and physiology classes was tough!

Anonymous said...

you and i can quit smocking together.. i have far too many of these things laying around and it's getting out of hand.

or.. we could run a smockers anonymous group. i think it would help a lot of people.

you write in all capital letters all the time, don't you?

dannydunlop said...

Man, I don't even have a closet to clean out? What the fuck is that? Who doesn't have a closet!? I'm barely even a person here. Fuck.

Also, I always spell check text messages.

Rock on

Cherol said...

My resolutions are realistic, but I know that I won't follow them. I resolved to eat less sweets and I'm chewing a bunch of gum right now. Well, it's sugar fee, so maybe that doesn't count...

Anyway, I like your list.

Bean said...

Hey so picture blogs and funny blogs. I honestly sent your animal fighting blog to like 50 people. It was amazing. :)

I also think that one of your resolutions would be re-stocking the Hunter's Revenge merch. Some of us folks need the greatness of the HR, and sadly are unable to. :(

so a plus and a minus in the year 2009.

lezah said...

You rock.

My resolutions:
1. Learn more songs on the piano. I currently only can remember 3.
2. Learn guitar properly.
3. Study hard.
4. Attempt applying for Year 5(11th Grade) at my previous school.
5. Be more sociable.
6. Visit home at the end of the year.

Jo Emmaljunga said...

These are mine:

1. Spend less money
2. Graduate
3. Get a new tattoo(=the first letter of the name of a close one I lost last year)
4. try harder to become a vegetarian and then go vegan
5. be a better person
6. learn to say "no" more often
7. contact old friends I haven't seen in years
8. eat healthier. i use too much salt in everything.
9. read more books
10. stop postponing things

CM Tustan said...

You are one resolute dude! Good luck on getting greener. I hope it doesn’t lead to some form of jaundice that will make you the talking point of your celebrity gym!

Christa said...

I have to type out complete words when I text people, even when I'm in a hurry.
My resolution, besides learning every song ever recorded on the ukulele and playing them in alphabetical order, is probably to graduate college without having a mental breakdown. :)
That would be excellent.

any_mouse said...

Congratulations on finishing your parts for the new album!

On going more green, have you guys thought about how you could reduce your carbon footprint while touring? I realize that you can't very well bike from city to city, but I remember an article in Rolling Stone a while back that mentioned something about green tour buses that run on biodiesel, or tour bus companies that plant trees to offset carbon emissions. The article gave as an example a company run by a member of the band Guster and his wife (I forget the guy's name or the company). Maybe you guys should look into something like this, if it's within your budget.

As for my own resolutions for 2009, I want to:

1. exercise more consistently. I want to do at least 3 days a week, instead of the 1-2 days I do now.

2. cut my meat consumption by at least 60%. I'm ashamed to say that I am an omnivore, but rather than go cold turkey (pun intended?) and probably fail, I figure I'd set myself a manageable goal. I've already been replacing certain items in my diet, and I can't imagine going back to real meat for those. If all goes well, I'll kick my addiction to meat and reach 100% by the end of the year.

impure0purest said...

Yay for the 'going green' Hulk picture.

You make my mother happy, she loves The Hulk. Last time I counted, we had about 30 Hulks in our living room.. But that was a while ago...

Your blog made one of my good friends change her mind about being scared of you, now she's scared of how hard she'll cry because you make her laugh so much...

Wow. This is a long comment. said...

Hey Hunter! Ummmmmmm for your more picture bloggs thing when you put up more pictures, could you put some pictures up of you and the band just hanging out and goofing off? THANKS! said...

Oh and if thats your hand writing in the picture, you and my dad have the same exact hand writing. weird....

Hunter Burgan said...

Yeah. I had your dad write that out for me, which IS weird.

The Void Remains said...


Are you sure that isn't Scotti Hill's solo? It appears that way in the video:

@ approx 2:40


Hunter Burgan said...

You are 100% correct, Lissy! Thank you!

I will now update and correct.

Andrea Alonzo said...

i love more the lonnnnng (and good)entries...than write shorter...!!!

Buzz Royale said...

"6. Go Even Greener"

You just broke that with changing your blogger layout. Well, I like the new look, but don't you know that it takes more energy to display light and bright colours? That's why a black background ist the best way to safe energy. Just would have liked to point that out...

and btw, since you're such an expert on mammoths: My sister claims that mammoths actually were pink and that the guys who say else or drew the pics in our books are wrong. Is my sister right or the scientist ppl?

Kaylee said...

I spell checked a twitter update today and found a typo. Wow, I just spell checked that first sentence and found a typo. Clearly, spell checking should be a resolution of mine as well.