Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Canadian Long Weekend

My dear readers, I sincerely apologize for taking so long between blog entries. With the current state of the economy, I know you guys and gals get enraged very easily and need the constant distraction that Tranquil Mammoth provides. I won't let it happen again. I've had some problems with my internet service here in Mammothland (that's where Tranq lives) and decided to finally give in and upgrade to the 2400 baud modem. Isn't she a beauty?

In other news, it was a Canadian "long weekend." I had the distinct honor of playing shakers with Tegan and Sara at three of their concerts in Los Angeles, California. They are such a great band. If for some reason you don't already own all of their albums, I suggest you stop reading right now and go purchase them! My pal Matt Sharp (of weezer and Rentals fame) joined me on the tambourine. I found a shaky (no pun intended) version of it on youtube, but the audio is horrible, so don't feel obligated to click here. It reminded me of one of those family bands, or perhaps an all-star variety show from the 1970s. Anyhow, it was a really fun weekend and I'd like to say hello to all the people that I talked to at the shows. Hello!
On a side note, I literally almost had to shave Canadian Kid In The Hall, Kevin McDonald's back in front of a few hundred people on Saturday. Weird. Weird that I'm not making this up, because that seems like something I would make up (c'mon...Bea Arthur!?), but it's 100% true.

If you're like me and you haven't already figured out what you're going to be for Halloween, now is the time to get on it! We have ten days to scrape something together! If anyone has any good ideas, let me know in the comments. When you leave it up to the last minute, you end dressing like WHAM! era George Michael, or Andrew W.K..

I'm out like a trout, but before I go, I'd like to send a shout out to Freaky-B, Fuzz Fuzz, Lil' Ridiculous, Klerpy, Lo-Blud Suge, Sh'shaun Sean, Ol' Baby, Turkey Vultch, Clawsy, and Michael Bivins.


Anonymous said...

no problem, take your time, as long as your blogs are as gorgeus and fenomenal as they are til now :D

Huh.. for Halloween.. I love that day, btw. Very best vacation ever, I guess..Well, I think I'm gonna dress as fairy for I love them, or something irish. And probably I'll go to the local pub, because its gonna be the coolest place to be. :D

Oh and I love to hear you have played with Segan & Tera.
Love them, but not as half as much as I love you Ô__o

Rock on,
much love

AbsentOfGrace said...

I love that you love Tegan and Sara. All's good :)

Karlye said...

It's alright Hunter, my computer is having some serious internet connection issues as well, in fact my computer crashed when I was trying to read your post, I had to restart it. I didn't know your blog possessed so much awesomeness to where it made my desktop crash! Crazyyyyyyy.

Looks like those shows were a ton of fun, I'm glad you had a good time. :)

I totally know what you should do for Halloween! You should go get one of those big horse costumes that requires two people to be in and find someone to be the back of the horse and you could be the front part of the horse! Or maybe you could zombify yourself and creep around neighborhoods scaring little children. Or even a combination of the two, either way, they're both awesome ideas.

Speaking of which, I need to go find a Halloween costume. Shoot.

december everyday said...

Ya! Go Canada and the wonderful turkey-snuff long weekend! lol
It snowed all the way up here last night! Whoho!
I am in the process of getting all of Tegan & Sara's albums, they are awesome.
Thanks for the blog, they always make my day!

Nika said...

One of my friends are planning to go as you!
We're all going out as both old and current members of AFI.
I'm going as Davey, one as Jade, we got my older bro as Adam, we have our next door nieghbor as Mark, and we still have yet to pick anyone for Geoff.
I so love Halloween!!!
And I'm too broke to get the Tegan and Sarah cd........
-Stay fresh,my good man.

Tristan said...

there's NOTHING wrong with paying a little homage to Everything She Wants.

december everyday said...

p.s. to Nika.... my friends and I are doing that too, lmao, I am going as Jade!... ah, too funny!

follow the white rabbit said...

haha! you're blogs are always fun to read.
so i quickly thought about the halloween costume:
what about tom jones crossed with leatherface./or some slasher film legend.

this pic of tom jones is epic :)

or maybe that style where he unbottons the top half of his shirt to show his chest hair and the tight pants. combine that with a weapon and a mask - it can be quite funny :)

i quite like this idea now. i think i might take it up!

girlisgrey said...

take me to Mamothland!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your picture for the state of the economy is wonderful. Fits perfectly.

The Con said...
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The Con said...

me again. I think you should be Aloysius Snuffleupagus for Holloween. For reference, here is a picture.



ciel said...

LOL that economy picture is about right. Just look at the state Iceland's in right now. So you can always go as the 'money tree' for Halloween, I'm sure it'll be a pure hit at all the parties!

camilla said...

I'd say go as a horse. Possibly a mammoth, too. Or a mix? That'd be one furry horse, that's for sure...

Good to see you playing with Tegan & Sara, they're awesome!


Christa said...

I wanted to go to see them but sadly no time. This is usually the way.
I haven't figured out what I want to be for Halloween. I will most likely be a Baltimore Hon for Halloween.
you could be a dinosaur. That would be sweet. I agree with the zombie suggestion. you would make a fine zombie.

I Burn Things said...

Awesome I'm being everyones favorite psychopath, aka the Joker

Anonymous said...

You should be a mammoth for Halloween. ;D If you do that, you can pick what I can be (but let's keep it PG-13 okay? xD)

If not a mammoth, be Batman! OR OR OR be a vampire. Throw on some glitter and go dazzle people. (no, don't. I will lose all respect for you. Well, maybe not ALL, but definitely some...unwillingly...please don't be a twilight vampire....)

Vief said...

I demand a HB hipshaker next time T&S come to the nether regions. [aka the Benelux, but more on the coast side of it]
The photos look like much fun!

Anonymous said...

i think its funny that tegan & sara only have two names but are more than two people

ThisSideUp said...

Ooh, I'm excited for Halloween this year! I intend to dye myself blue using food colouring and go as a blue fairy. I need to find some wings first, however (I don't want to end up just being the creepy blue girl that shows up at peoples houses, 'cause nobody ever likes her!). You should go as a green fairy, and we'll match. Or you could dress all in white and go as an egg. Epic!

Callisto said...

for Halloween I'm going to dress like a scenster (sp?) haha and maybe go see tiger army that day too. I wish I had the money to go see tegan and Sara

KD [X] said...

i'm going as Marla from Fight Club...you could go as Tyler Durden..haha. Or as Angel Face...you kinda looked like him back in the days when you had hair.

other ideas for you:
Jareth (David Bowie) from Labrynth
Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas
John Locke from LOST
A HUNTER-gatherer who fallows mammoths
ummmm....a regular Hunter that plays in a band called AFI

xsweetcalamityx said...

Lol 2400 baud. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a long weekend. D:
Kids in the Hall is excellent.
Be a sideburn for Halloween.

Haras said...

Ohhhh Klerpy. What a guy.

You should go as Bea Arthur.

Ashleigh said...

That economy picture is so accurate! Where in the world do you find all these wonderful pictures?

Halloween...I'm going to be bending the rules a bit, and going as a medieval Sith! Exactly like a normal Sith, except I'll be wearing a maille dress under the cloak. Gonna be rocking some red eyes too.

Mary-Jean said...

I KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE FOR HALLOWEEN. You should be a 'cereal killer'. You can be a box of cereal that kills people! Haha! Or... ya know... something that isn't lame and just thought of off the top of my head. You could be one of those iPod people from the iPod commercials. You know the shadow people that always have white headphones and have some insane dancing skills? Yeah! All you have to do is dress up in black and have an iPod. (Though I'm old school and I use a walkman. Which isn't quite as old school as radio or tape players. So I'm sort-of-old-but-not-really school.)

Hmm... Or maybe you could be Kermit the Frog. There's no love for that guy these days.

Or if you wanna be something scary, you could be Sarah Palin... And if you didn't catch it, that was a joke.

Maybe you should just be cool and go as your 'evil twin'. Always works for me!

By the way, you are so lucky to be playing with Tegan and Sara. Sounds like loads of fun! It's not easy playing those shakers, man. I know. I've been there.

Stix said...

You could totally rickroll someone in one of those links one day. It'd be so awesome.

Go as http://disney.go.com/disneyrecords/Soundtracks/playhouse2/images/playhouse2_07.gif

All three would be awesome.

Cherol said...

I'm going to be Bobby Brown.

Hyro said...

mmm Halloween? yay! I'm dressing like Thomas Bangalter, from Daft Punk, with the helmet and all that stuff!!! great, huh?

Amanda said...

Ya know, I've never listened to Tegan and Sara before. I think they will be my next music purchase. What album would you suggest I get?

As far as Halloween, I am so stumped! I wish I had the ability to make or modify clothing for a costume because womens store bought ones are so slutty. I don't have any amazing ideas for you but c'mon, Jesus Krueger, Andrew WK, zombie (I recall seeing a picture of you with some kick ass special effects make up)? I'm sure you have something awesome up your sleeve. Or least better than what I can come up with, ha.

Hope you have a great Halloween! Let us know what you end up dressing up as.

Arie said...

Was beginning to think you didn't love us anymore :( But alas you proved us wrong and made with the loving....ok somehow that sounded better in my head.

As far as Halloween goes you could be a smurf or a fraggle or Elvis...ELVIS!! Thats it!! Elvis it is.

Van, not Can said...

I think you should come play shakers for my band. We'll get Bea Arthur to sing!

Shana said...

I love your blogs! They are worth the wait! I am glad you had a fun weekend! I have no witty comments.

I am all for 80s Wham! Should you choose to go as modern day George Michael for Halloween, it could be disastrous and involve the police (not the group)! haha :)

L.C. said...

My mates and I have never had a Halloween party as Halloween isn't celebrated in AU... but we are this year. I'm thinking Fran Drescher for my costume because I don't know about you, but she scares the hell out of me. Feel free to use my idea, but if you pull it off better than me i wont be impressed.

Kristi said...

You could go as a mob boss/gangster. I went to some costume shops last weekend trying to figure out what I was going to be and that seemed the most appealing.

Sneaky Ninja said...

omg halloween! i love it! it is my fave holiday.. mainly becaues its the only one that my whole family can agree on..

ne way.. im supposed to go with a crew.. they are all dressing up as x-men..and they are trying to come up with who im going to be..

o going off of karlye's post.. we have a zombie walk here in rome (ga that is). its pretty nifty..

i need to get some tegan and sarah.. i have been meaning to.... on ward ho! to tegan and sarah

<3 Rain

Straight To Hell said...

I would tell you to be a ninja, but you wouldn't need to dress up as that. Musician by day, ninja by night.

Um...you could go as a mammoth, or perhaps you could dress up as a pregnant celebrity since that seems to be all the rage in Hollywood right now, especially young Hollywood.

awokennightmare said...

Thanksgiving, no? It seems like such a long time ago.

Have you seen City and Colour w/ Tegan and Sara? Both incredible. Like you.

HAVOKLover4life/Ms.Disaster said...

Hunter is to funny for words!!!Don't keep us waitting so long next time!!!


Jason said...

Alright, it's cool that you were with a Kid In the Hall, but that's no reason to get cocky and stop blogging!

andrea alonzo said...

i wanna live in mammothland..!
so nice to see you with tegan & sara!
best wishes..!

eMMe said...

what cracked me up is the pic you posted.

sam_whinston@yahoo.com said...

Dear Hunter,
I know Ive posted this on Jade's blog already but if you guys did this for me It would be the Best thing that could ever happen to me and would make my life. Anyway...
I am in a "band" too, me and my friends, just kinnda the ol garage band thing again. But i write the lyrics, I know its a little late but it would mean the WORLD to me if you would use my lyrics as song in you next album! Please would you? If you could please email me or reply to me me, (i know you probably have lots of thoughs requests...) I could give you the lyrics and you can see if you like them. Thank you Hunter, I hope you look at these.
I am NOT looking for any recognition, money, or fame, Just want to be able to hear the most amazing band to ever walk the earth play my song.
Thank you guys so much,
(p.s. sorry for my bad spelling, im not the greatist at it. My email address is my username. And after I give you the lyrics, I wont bug you anymore if you dont want I swear.)

Devotional Julie said...

where the hell are you hunter?
in the studio recording the new AFI album i hope
update this blog dude
post about regenerating a mammoth and i'll donate $5M :P
sorry thats all i have

Kayleigh Puget said...

I, however, have a problem with you not blogging much.
Do you know why?
Because I lurrrve you.

And not hearing from you is like physical trauma.

Stop putting me through this, son.


Ceci said...

Hunter, if I didn't know you guys were recording I would be much more upset about the lack of updates.

But still! We miss you! Twitter is insufficient.

Jaime said...

Hey Hunter! I was tipped off that you'd linked to my video of you playing the shakers with Tegan and Sara so I thought I'd check it out. Thanks for linking, and it was a lot of fun to see you onstage with Matt Sharp and the girls (though I think you guys had at least as much fun as we did). Hope you'll make another guest appearance in the future!

Anonymous said...
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