Monday, November 24, 2008

Time flies and so can you!

2008 is just racing by!

Since I've being working in the studio (AFI...heard of us?) a lot lately, I've neglected good ol' Tranquil Mammoth! I apologize. To paraphrase the guy who played the dad on Silver Spoons, "Sometimes you have to go out and live life in order to have something to blog about."

Back in March, Dr. Pepper (my favorite soda ever, even though I no longer drink soda) made a bet with America that Axl wouldn't release Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy in the year 2008. Since the new Gn'R album dropped earlier today (November 23rd), Dr. Pepper lost that bet and has been giving away free Dr. Pepper all day. They even extended it until 6pm EST tomorrow (November 24th) due to consumer demand. Click here to get yours now!

Check out Dan Kelly and myself wearing two of Devo's personal Energy Domes. These are the ones they actually wear on stage!

Halloween was a blast, although I'll admit that I had my mind on another holiday altogether. I'll talk more about that later. I went to see my pals in Rise Against at the newly remodeled Palladium in Hollywood. This is totally old news to some, but some people like old news (I personally hate old news). Rise Against played two Devo songs during their encore dressed as "Whip It" era Devo. It was fantastic, but their fans seemed bored by it. Gerald Casale joined them on stage for "Beautiful World".

November found me at my local polling place, doing what every citizen should have been doing, talking to an old woman from my neighborhood who volunteered, and then voting. Only moments later I found myself terribly disappointed with the results of Proposition 8. What happened, California? Seriously?!? Anyhow...after that I hit the streets with Steve and Sally to protest (along with thousands and thousands of others) the blatant violation of rights. Steve originally had laser eyes, but I covered them up so my casual readers wouldn't be scared.

Eventually the green leaves on the trees turned to lovely reds and oranges, which served to remind me (with my friend Stacy's help, of course) that my pal Ed Templeton was having an art show in Culver City. You can read more about the show in his blog (which is a really great blog) here.
Here's a picture of me and Neil "Doogie" Patrick "Howser" Harris "MD" at the opening. He's over on the right by the wall. Facing the wall. I least he's in the photo, right?

I'm off now to get a few Zs (that's slang for sleep) before hitting the studio tomorrow. I have a few blogs I need to get out of my system in the next week, so check back soon for some of the following topics: an AFI studio related blog, a blog about the great Blockbuster heist, a blog to raise funds for the mammoth regeneration, a psychedelic photo (that's the only kind of picture my phone will take) blog and a holiday blog like none you have ever seen!


Jason said...

Your Tweet about this blog just woke me up, man! Totally worth it though!

Nixx said...

Haha well I'm glad you've been having a good time, Hunter. Can't wait to see what else you guys have been up to :).

Áine Caitríona said...

I wish I still cared enough about G n' R to either buy the album OR try and scam some free sugar-water. Unfortch, it's just been too long and I'm still not over the cornrow incident of 2002.

This is the MTV generation, sugar. Leave us for more than eight weeks and we don't know you from Adam.

sweetedge said...

waking up to your wit and reports is better than a cup of coffee (especially considering i don't drink it) and i probably laugh harder than I should. i don't mind the wait to get entries like these.

JoeMama said...

On a personal note, Hunter you are looking too thin. Please eat more!!! - Love mom.

Anyway I'm glad you're having a great time right now. I'm excited to hear the next AFI CD.

Straight To Hell said...

I totally remember the deal between Guns & Roses. Dr.Pepper is my all time favortie soda. Too bad I totally forgot about that deal until you mentioned it.

My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving by default. Since I was born on that day. Even though the date changes every year so technically its not on this year..

My birthday is wednesday, go me!

Anyways..Happy early Thanksgiving!

Karlye said...

I enjoy waking up to your witty and humorous blogs Hunter, thank you for that.

I love the DEVO hats, I was a weird ghost thing for Halloween, long story.

I was and still am extraordinarily pissed off by Prop 8 passing too, the unfortunate thing is a lot of people in my school don't really care about it, maybe it's because we don't life in California. But that's no excuse, it's kind of like saying you didn't know who Sarah Palin was or who Barack Obama during the election. People just don't educate themselves enough to know what's actually going on, I think that was a big factor in Prop 8 passing, which is very unfortunate.

I'm liking Ed's work, a lot. I'll need to look into that some more.

I cannot wait for those next blogs you have coming up, Hunter. Absolutely cannot wait. Crank 'em out as soon as you can! :)

december everyday said...

Love the hats!
Can't wait for more blogs, essp. an AFI studio blog!YAY!
I am really pissed about what happened in California too, a lot of people I know are, and we live in Canada, but if that ever happened here.....
Anyway, Thanks for the blog, always nice to read in the mornings, even though I am now very late for class lol. Oh well!

AbsentOfGrace said...

This was such a refreshing update. Loved it! Looks like you've really been out and about and living life to blog about it.

Can you believe about the mammoth gene discovery thingamabob? That's my college. If they clone a mammoth, you should come by.

Cecilia said...

When you post a photo of yourself in a Devodome, do you expect to make as many people's days as you do?

Alexandria said...

Hey Hunter, I am glad you finally did an update, I was just sitting here and screaming in my head that you need to write something, and 30 minutes later I see it. Great! I am good to go. I heard about the Prop 8 thing from Jade's blog. I think it is terrible. I am glad you guys support it. We need more people who understand equal rights are for all. BIg hug to you from me and the kids! They loved it when I read your horse blog to them. I gave you guys 4 mini AFI fans. You should see them dance to some of your music.
Also on a side note I hear from my kids 10 times a day "That guy over there looks like Hunter, mommy."
So yeah! They think your blogs are funny and they love your music.
Have a great Thanks giving day!

Midnight Angel said...

Love to Hunter!!!
Take care,and try not to work to hard!!!

girlisgrey said...


I can't wait for all that blogging. My eyes will pop out of my head if I keep reading this amazingness, but keep it coming. Dr. Pepper site doesn't work for me! Bastards. :(

- Bella

impure0purest said...

I'm a [silly]goose, --I didn't even know you had a blog until TODAY, and then I see you updated TODAY.. *facepalm* BWAHAHAH TODAY is definetly a rad day...
Now I'm all giggly... hehe, "today"

Yay for all the things that happen..! And stuff. I'm super excited for the blogs coming up... But OH NO! Class is starting in eless than 2 minutes... so I guess I'll have to stop rambling now :(

ninja, please said...

I'm so stoked that you guys are in the studio!

I'm bummed out because the dr.pepper site isn't opening for me...
but I have like 35 dr.peppers in my fridge right now so i guess it doesn't really matter.

Rise Against skipped Arizona completely on their Appeal to Reason tour. I was/am upset.

And Prop.8 is bull...
I think my sister was at the same rally as you...

Oh, and I introduced my friend Charlie to Hunter Revenge. He's pretty much in love with you now.


Haylee Sunshine said...

It's nice to hear from you, Hunter, and even nicer to hear about your future blogs.

I wish I could have been in California to protest. Hopefully Prop. 8 will be set straight soon.

Have fun sleeping and recording.

Lissa[DF] said...

I'm looking forward to your blogs. Your blogs make my day so much better. Take care!

camilla said...

Your blogs tend to make me smile and this was no exception. Thanks for being awesome.


ThisSideUp said...

Oh, thank the Lord; I thought you had died, Hunter! It makes me so happy that you protested Prop. 8. That honestly broke my heart and I don't even live in the U.S. (I'm really passionate about social justice)! Can't wait for the new AFI!

This Girl said...

Great blog update.
Lots of nice yummy info.

Ashleigh said...

You always know how to make us all laugh, and this is no exception.

Eagerly awaiting studio, psychedelic and holiday blogs. Don't make us wait too long!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes <3
I was about do something drastic had you not updated your blog. (I was going to brave the windy weather in search of some form of Starbucks!) You better be glued to your keyboard for the next few days. I want to hear all about the blockbuster heist and possible mammoth regeneration, but who the heck is AFI...I'll google them. See if I can find anything ;]

Mary-Jean said...

A great Blockbuster heist?! I've had my fair share of them in my day. I ended up with a free DVD in the end! How 'bout you?

Anonymous said...

i know a guy at my work that is the exact replica of neil patrick harris!
also you have a cool profile

KD [X] said...

Yay! Update! It was great to hear from you again!

I can't wait for the AFI studio blog!!!!

Cherol said...

Hah! That is Neil Patrick Harris.
California let me down with Prop 8 as well.
Glad to hear you're well.

any_mouse said...

Time flies, indeed. My library books are more than a week overdue and I didn't even realize it. Darn! Now I owe $6.75 in fines.

Haha, Neil Patrick Harris. He really is like his character in "Harold & Kumar." The guy turns up everywhere. Did you just start collecting, or have you been collecting for a while? I'd do it if I had the money and a place to put all the art. My sister is an artist, and she introduced me to the work of people like Souther Salazar, who has to have the coolest name ever. I mean, if you have a name like that, you're required by law to be either an artist or an evil overlord. Or both.

Sweet glasses in the Devo pic, by the way.

Can't wait for all the bloggy goodness.

Ugh, don't even get me started on the Prop 8 thing.

Stix said...

That prop 8 thing is retarded.

So excited for the blogs, the holiday one sounds saweeet!

Amber said...



Yeah, GNR totally sucks now. I could care less. But AFI #8... THERE's an album that I could get reeeeeeeal excited for.

liebling said...

Wow, that's a coincidence. I've only been talking about Doogie Howser all day yesterday. For some reason.

Arie said...

YAY! -waves- Hiya Hunter! Good to hear from you. The heathens and I acquired the free Dr. Pepper. So glad to hear all is well and that you're havin' fun.

Can't wait to hear what else you've got up your sleeve.


Christa said...

Those are some fine photos of you. yes, California was a little special but it seems they are working on fixing that. very cool to see you are helping. :)

Andrea Alonzo said...

i love the hats!!!
i cant wait for the new thigs of AFI!!!
´good to see you back!!

dannydunlop said...

You should drop a mention of the wonderful new music video in the works in the next blog. Hint, hint.

Rock on

as you wish said...

It's so great to hear from you! Glad to see you've been keeping yourself entertained. Looking forward to the rest of your blogs. :)

Amanda said...

I finally know what you meant by "a holiday blog like none you have ever seen!" I can't wait.

The Con said...

-bangs head on table-

Anonymous said...

Yes, in fact I did hear of you guys. Sounds pretty nice. :)

Uuuh, Dr. Pepper is your fav soda, too?!
Well, I love that stuff, though I normaly dont drink, cause I dont like coffein. ôO

Um, do you know what I love in your blogs?
I always learn new language (or slang, in case. ôO)

Rise Against is more then gorgeus, btw. :p

Love you

Cecilia said...

You should teach Adam to use the internet. We get to hear about the rest of the band via blogs, twitter, and swanky t-shirts, but Adam doesn't seem to exist.
You seem like the most likely candidate to bring him to the dark side.

Shel said...

Damn it! I missed the whole Dr Pepper thing! Well, I don't drink soda so instead I bought a case and passed it out to strangers while extolling all of your fine qualities Mr. Burgan, ie "Have you seen the Shoe Odyssey?' or "The Tranquil Mammoth lives and breathes in L.A' and my personal favorite, "Hunter, he's not just for breakfast anymore!' Needless to say, the mass of 24 people that assembled were astounded and amazed and they all asked where they could reach you, but as promised I did not reveal your true location, instead I linked them to this blog.

lezah said...

Hey Hunter, you're lookin' good in that Energy Dome! Can't wait until your next updates.

Emme said...

Hunter!!! yea for being back in the studio - hi time for another AFi album fer real.

I missed out on the free DP (so not cool) and i'm liking that Devo hat