Thursday, September 11, 2008

One for the history books (or history blogs)

The Force reunion mini-tour was a success! We kicked the whole thing off with a secret show in Sacramento in a coffee shop. The coffee was good. Next stop was our home turf in Nevada City. It was crazy seeing so many familiar faces at the shows. There were people there I hadn't seen since high school! The opening band was called Young Voices. Everyone should check them out. They reminded me of an old Dischord band. The next night we played at 924 Gilman St. which is where we played our very second show ever, back in 1995. A bunch of friends, old and new came out to this one as well. I know what you're thinking, and yes, my AFI bandmates came out to watch. The final night of our mini-tour was in Anaheim. We actually played at Chain Reaction when it used to be called Public Storage. That was the nineties. Our pal Carlton Beener took some photos like the one above. Click here to check out more photos from all the shows. Mad props (does anyone still say that?) to the crew from Pittsburgh who came out for all the shows. Like I said before, the shows were a success, but not just because we pulled it off (Chad hadn't played drums in over 6 years) or because we blew everyone's minds (which we certainly did) but because we were able to recreate the feeling of being ten years younger and playing crazy music with your friends. I don't mean to get overly sentimental, but for me the real success was reuniting old friends.

Now that The Force shows are over, we put all the leftover merchandise in our online store. Now people from all over the world that weren't able to attend the shows can pretend like they were there. I made this banner for the store. Maybe somebody would like to make a better one?? If that somebody is you, let me know. Thanks.
In the store, we have a few shirt designs, a sweatshirt, buttons, stickers, AND the 12" vinyl gatefold "Complete Discography" too! Everything is in limited quantities and only available while supplies last. Once this stuff is gone, it's gone for good. The Force - Complete Discography is and will always be available on iTunes for everyone out there who likes mp3s instead of LPs.

I've been trying to keep track of the interviews I've done recently. Below is an interview I did for Mishmash.

In horse blog news, I will attempt to release the horse blog this weekend. I don't want it to be compared to the AFI EP or my vegan blog that never happened.

Be true to your school.


Narcissa said...

I'm simply devastated I missed the reunion tour.

Why does no one tour in Hawaii?

Maciej Makalowski said...

I am so happy you went to the same high school as Joanna Newsome.

I took a few photos too:

Chelsea said...

i dont care.

any_mouse said...

Awesome, the Wikipedia page for your high school lists you as a notable alum. That's how you know you've hit the big time.

Nice interview. Looking good, sounding great. Keep it up. I'm glad you had fun on the reunion mini-tour!

Off-topic, but I got a question for you: What is/was The Revenge? I thought you said somewhere that the name Hunter Revenge was based on a project called The Revenge that you were involved in, where members took "Revenge" as their last name. Maybe if you have time between doing AFI stuff and working on that horse blog, you could enlighten us about this secret history and who else was involved. A little birdie told me that the bassist from another currently popular band used to go by the name "Mikey Revenge." Coincidence? Or was The Revenge some secret society of bassists?

Confirm, deny, or obfuscate?

I'm looking forward to that horse blog.

Alexandria said...

I am glad you had a good time, to bad I could not go. So I checked out the myspace link and I like the song BW. I wish I lived back home instead of over here, I would spend a year on the road going to shows untill I was broke.
Later <3

camilla said...

Totally exciting to hear that the shows went so well for you guys, sadly I couldn't make it there :( The interview was good too, but now I want to see that yearbook photo! Haha

Still waiting for the horse blog, very curious :)

Karlye said...

Glad to hear that everything went so well Hunter! I just might end up buying one of those shirt, depends on the amount of funds I have.

Lovely interview there, I kind of felt that way when I started high school because there were people there whom I hadn't seen since elementary school. Freaky stuff.

You have no idea how stoked I am for that horse blog, seriously.

Charlotte said...

Your school colors are the same as ours. Do you ever notice that no school is ever pink?

girlisgrey said...

The linkage again! I love it.
And loved the show. It was great talking to you. Glad you had a smashing time daaahling ;)

ciel said...

Well, old man good to hear you had fun.
Wish I could've gone to one of those shows.
Now, about that horse...

The Samwich said...
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The Samwich said...

I really wish I could've gone to see you guys.

Too bad I live all the way in stinky Iowa...

Anyways, I was bored and decided to make banners for ze online store.

If you don't like them, that's cool too. I could always make another one that's way more awesome, if you'd like.



Stix said...

"In horse blog news, I will attempt to release the horse blog this weekend. I don't want it to be compared to the AFI EP or my vegan blog that never happened."

I laughed.

Thank you for the updates, and I checked out the Gilman Street webpage and it looks swell. Small shows are the best.

Anonymous said...


i saw this flyer for the show here in Sac and i was like... isn't that Hunter's band and i was hella confused and now that i just realized that it was i'm gonna go shoot myself in the foot!!!

i of course know it went well.

sorry i couldn't make it!

Mary-Jean said...


And that definitely deserved to be in all capitals.

Annnnd: "I don't want it to be compared to the AFI EP or my vegan blog that never happened."

I laughed. Yes, I felt the need to tell you that made me laugh... I'm done talking about nothing in particular now.

Cindy said...

Hunter - Hook me up with your 'Pittsburgh crew' so next time, I can go (if they'll have me)! Sounds like so much fun.

Cindy said...

P.S. Mary Jane, comment above mine, has ice skates on. Remember that? Freaky.

Anonymous said...

Yes Hunter
You blew our minds
literally. 8D

Chain Reaction was just AWESOME
My ears still ringing.
No, seriously.

Want one?

...later. :3


lezah said...

The reunion tours seemed heaps fun. Wish I could have been there, but glad that you enjoyed yourself. :)

I shall await the horse blog.

Aaaaand I made a banner for ya!

Yep. Right there^.


Christa said...

Awesome reunion shows are awesome!
(and also reunions!)

andrea alonzo said...

aww its amazing...reunited with old..friends!

Leah said...

I wanted to go. Really, really badly. But, ah, I just couldn't get that 1,000 bucks I needed.

I live in Alabama and I would have brought a couple friends. Wedge told me to take a plane, ha. Too bad we couldn't afford it...

Thank God for Youtube!