Monday, May 14, 2007

Secrets Revealed!

...and now the moment you've all been waiting for, the new song title!

"Who's Gonna Love U Now?" by Hunter Revenge

Visit the Hunter Revenge MySpace page in seven days to hear it!!

I'm off to go eat so many vegan birthday cakes now!


values here x said...

happy birthday!
hope your vegan cake was good!

cant wait to hear the new song


I Burn Things said...

Awesome can't wait to hear it! Happy birthday! Mine was on the 11th, we had a Darth Vader bday cake, it was tasty, I hope yours was as good.

Veronica said...

This week can't go by soon enough.

And have a banging birthday, Hunter.

stella said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cake!

2 Cool For Skool said...

Happy birthday Hunter! I hope you have a rad day :)

shyboyswin said...

happy birthday sweetie!!!!

hope ur vegan cake was great!

can't wait for checking out the new song!!

Once upon a winter... said...
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nemivicious said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! I hope you enjoyed the cupcake you got in Stockholm and all the future birthday cupcakes you'll eat.

I can't wait to hear the new song!

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Hunter! I hope your cake tastes good! =D

girlisgrey said...


You made me mucho happy!!!


por~siempre said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!! I hope it is a good one!! Take a little bite of some cake for me!! = )

Can't wait to hear the new song!!



xina_7 said...

i've probably posted this everywhere, lol, but at least you don't have to worry about paris hilton stealing your cake like she did davey's...sorry, but it was too good to pass up!!!

anxiously awaiting the new song :D


Elizabeth said...

well , hello and Happy Birthday Hunter ,
it's weird , this is the first time that i post something here... , i guess it's because i didn't knew that you had a blog good to know that you have one ...
in fact having a blog , is something very personal , is like write in a intimate diary , the only diference is that too many people might read it :) .....
i'm glad to know that ''Hunter Revenge''stills growing .
wish you the best .

dannydunlop said...

Badass song title. I know it will rule and am excited as hell to hear it. Thank you for being so awesome and have a kickass birthday. You deserve it more than anyone.
Peace, love, and vegan cake.

westboundgirl said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!

the new song already sounds bitchin


AFIForever21 said...

A new song relasing on my Birthday! I love you. <3 Happy Birthday, hun. =]

AFIForever21 said...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

i was at trader joes (<3) last night, and they had these vegan choco cakes and they were so cute and yumyum looking, i was like Mommm pleassse! and she was like wtf why and i was like uhmmm my friend hunters birthday is tomorrow...? and she was like Katherine, you are not friends with hunter. stop talking about afi as if you hang out with them after school everyday.

so that was my Hunters Birthday Eve.... :\

hope ur bday is betta den eva!

Annabel!* said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! I can't wait to hear the new song.

~!Becky!~ said...

HAPPY BDAY HUNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M. said...

Happy birthdaymas, Sexy Claus!

Bianca California said...

I'm excited!
Can't wait!

Kara [hella bomb] said...

Hey Hunter, hope you have a great birthday!

fallenangel141622 said...

The new song title is awesome, i'm sure the song will be too.

As stated in many comments already, happy birthday...and mmm vegan cake. sounds yummy :)

Anonymous said...

But but but! You said you weren't gonna eat vegan birthday cake!

You duckin me :(

Anyways, love the new title! Can't wait to hear it next week, where I'll also see you in Vancouver!


She Sees Light said...

Aww! I lurve it. <3

I know I've already said this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite person. :D Vegan cake = win.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Also? Hella excited. Can't wait to hear what you've come up with now.

'Lectric Lauren said...

Lovin' the title,
Can't wait to hear it!!
Hope ya had a great day!

George said...

Yay!! I can't wait!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

KXP said...

Hope you have a great one!
Can't wait for the song. <3

awokennightmare said...

Happy Birthday (once again) Hunter! Enjoy this special day with the ones you love.. or maybe the things you love.

Anxiously Awaiting,

girlonthewall said...

"happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear hunter,
happy birthday to you..." (!)


i've just been inspired to write a new, more catchy, birthday song for everyone's sake ;]

i'll leave you to wallow in the goodness of vegan birthday cake(s), and i am anticipating your new song! want me to myspace it?



Girls Don't Cry said...

Yoy! *gives you Almighty Birthday Hat*

lauriellen said...

Happy birthday!
i hope all of those vegan birthday cakes are unbelievably delicious.


Nev [DF] said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!

and uh <3 Yay! Cant wait to hear it

AFI_Junkie said...

Happy Birthday!
Share some cake with me!
Or... something...

Can't wait for the new song
So yea...

:) in the words of a really awesome guy "Stay Fresh"

4NG13-angie said...

Happy Birthday from MX dear Hunter!!!, Have a nice personal new year. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Angie ^_^

Winnie Jaing (TwistTheVine) said...

Happy birthday, Hunter!

The Lost Souls said...

Hi Hunter!!!!!!! From the members of the Mexican AFI fan communities "the lost souls" and "one dark flame", we all want to wish you the best on your day
nea conde my favorite bass player, first of all, a bunch of predictable and probably more than expected happy birthdays! :) you know that your mexican fans will always be here for you, admiring your splendid notes and passion while you're jumping around the stage, which by the way is breathtaking (you have a really good condition huh?) i find you as a musician very inspirational; you give and expect nothing in return, and that’s what it’s all about. you’re simply honest, and that’s what i’m grateful for, you don’t pose to be anything but yourself, which is hard to find nowadays. i don’t want to sound repetitive or drammatic (you probably hear this every day after a concert) but april 18th-20th (concerts in mexico city) were the best days of my life, getting to know you in the autograph session and then at your hotel was amazing. you’re kind and considerate to your fans. thanks! anyhoo, the point of this mail is to wish a happy birthday! so party like a rock star!! :p kisses from a mexican fan, and tons of love to an older hunty! nea.
hey, que onda hunter! no pues, muchisisisisimas felicidades !!!! en serio que chido que una persona tan importante como tu se le sumen los años, bien dicen que es mejor cumplirlos a dejarlos olvidados. ojala y te la pases super lindo con todas las personas que te quieren y todos los seres que amas, ya que nosotros, te queremos y un buen! pero las circunstancias estan un poco dificiles, vaya! yo que te queria llevar mariachis... ya sera para la proxima que vengan man! ;) ahi les apartaremos sus mariachis y toda la cosa! xdd bueno ya no pude ser breve, pero en serio muchas felicidades! y pasesela muy lindo!!! que los 32 solo se cumplen una vez!! mucha suerte en la vida y mucho amor en el alma atte: pau
many happiness all your fans from mexico loves you congratulations hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! norma angelica blanco (
hey hunter! well, this is a little, but sincere thank you letter for everything you and all afi is for me, you're part of my inspiration, and every-day living, i can't stand my life without afi, it's simply impossible. thank you for being such a creative guy, and for making music for us, thank you for your true love to music, because it's what makes my life keep moving, and i'm sure i'm not the only one who appreciates your effort. happy birthday hunter! i hope you have a good day, my best wishes and support from mexico, sincerely much love, much respect, xmalotex carlos cuevas (
happy birthday hunter with all my love and passion to afi...eternal thanks amanda rocaz (
beny johan vermeulen lópez happy birthday hunter, i hope all your dreams become true some day... and thay you may have another beautiful year in your life. take care. i hope you can celebrate another 100 birthdays.
april parra garcia hola holaaaaaaa feliz cumpleaños hunter!! que tengas un dia simplemente genial con todos tus amigos y familia, y sabes? en mexico, en los foros de onedarkflamemexico y en thelostsoulafi, todos te amamos, y esperamos verte aqui de nuevo, jaja, wow, nunca cambies, porque eres increible!!
hi there! hey happy b-day hunter!!! have very nice day, with all your friends and also your family, you know in mexico,in the forums of onedarkflamemexico and also thelostsoulafi we all love u! and we hope to see u againin mexico city!! jaja, wow, never change, 'cause you're awesome!
hi hunter!!!!!!!! happy birthday remember u are the king of the world all hail king hunter!!!!! ocktavio (
nikki covington happy birthday mr. burgan! i take this time to humbly wish a very happy birthday, that everything you wanted, you'll get and that every single wish that you have, will be delivered to you. from the bottom of my heart (all the way down to mexico) i wish you the best for this year. clau (
darkshen hi there!! happy birthday hunter! i hope everything you want you get it!! here in mexico we love so much and we hope u comeback, with afi or with hunter revange!! by the way hunter revange rockz!! and: u rulz!! hope to see you soon!! and happy birthday again!!!
hello hunter happy birthday!!!! you are the best one of afi we hoped to you ir returns soon francisco javier ramirez castañeda ( -------
hey!!! congratulations for a one more year of the best music and ....happy birthday!!!!!! with love :sharon sharon hernandez (
hi hunter, my name is bebi.. i was with you in mexico, maybe you can remember me.. but don´t worry... hunter i love you!!! only because you are perfect!!! and amazing!!! you are my hero #1... i love your eyes... and happy birthday!!!! thanks for your time bye!!! and remember.. i love you.. bebi puget (
hola hunter soy un fan de mexico, solo escribo un breve mensaje para decearte que te la pases muy bien en lo que es un año mas de tu vida, esperando que cumplas muchos y muchos años mas. atte:arse(antonio de jesus rodriguez) ( always with a fire inside
muchisimas felicidades al buenazo de hunter este 14 de mayo cumple sus apenas 32 añitos de vida. mis mejores deceos para el y ojala que se la pase increible, y que todos sus sueños se cumplan. lo amamos mucho y que cumpla muchos más... hunter i love you....... atentamente: claudia
dearest hunter: happy birthday!!! i hope you have a wonderful time with all your friends and the people you love. thank you for all the great moments you have given us through your music, we hope to have you around for many years to come. please receive a big hug and my best wishes... on your birthday!! i hope all your dreams come true on this special day!! i'm from mexico city and i had the chance to be with you and davey during an interview... and of course i was there in the front row on both shows!! those were the best days of my life!! thank you so much for all your love, your passion, your sensibility and your strength, thank you for being so nice to me and for the picture you let me have with you. mexico loves you hunter!! thank you for coming and we hope to see you around soon!! happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love always, lina. nombre: lina nick del foro: mail / messenger:
hi hunter!!!!!! wishing you the best on your birthday, hope you get many many awesome gifts and a rad partay with everyone that loves u and cares 4 u!!!! keep your awesome-ness, and rock on!!!! luv ya! xoxox ana victoria cabrera flores foro: darkness069 mail/msn:
Un saludo desde chile Feliz cumpleaños Hunter, te quiero y adiro mucho, te mando un beso y un abrazo, espero que pronto vengan a chile, besos Atte: tracy (
hola Hunter: muchas felicidadzs por tus ya 32 años de vida espero que te la pases de lo major en compañía de los que mas quieres, creo que de parte de todos los fans en mexico te digo que es peramos pronto tenerte de vuelta en mexico, te queremos mucho y estamos anciosos de volver a verte haciendo magia con el bajo , eres lo mejor y tienes toda mi admiración y mejores deceos, espero que hoy y siempre te la pases de poca madre,

Happy B-Day I Love You (I´m not gay jajajaja) Atte: Helí Adán Márquez Reyna (
De Parte De Todos Los Fan De Las Comunidades “The Lost Souls” y “One Dark Flame” De Mexico Te Deceamos Un Muy Feliz Cumpleaños; Que Seas Feliz Hoy, Mañana Y Siempre Mexico Love You…. Viva Hunter Cabrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY B-DAY

snow_vs_asphalt said...

YES! vegan birthday cake for the win. happy biiiirthday dear Hunterrrrr. it's my dad's birthday today too.

Mrs. Hoek said...

That sounds very exciting.
I can't wait to hear it.

I painted Marvin Gaye for you for your birthday, and I want to show you a picture of it, because if you like it, I'm sending it to you.

auntcp said...

Hope you've had a very happy birthday!

nicole said...

thats awesome
i can't wait to hear your new song
and happy birthday!
have fun and eat a lot of vegan cakes =)
greetings from chile
love ya

Lil Laker said...

Whooot!! Can't wait to hear it!
Have a very happy birthday Hunter.

vanessa said...

Awesome. Happy birthday, Hunter! Enjoy your vegan cake. :)


miseryXchord said...

Happy Birthday! Ethereal ethernet hugs and kisses, and welcome back to this side of the Earth...


NoirJet said...

Thank you for giving us a gift seven days after your bithday!

I hope your vegan cake and your b-day were good! ^^

BangBangLou said...

Sick! Cant wait!
Enjoy your vegan b-day cakes!!!!

starinyourfire said...

Happy Birthday! i hope you have a good one on your date of birth.

Melissa said...


Lots and lots and lots of love and vegan birthday cakes and all that. :]

I'm excited for the new song, too!

xunbrokenx said...

somehow that song title seems so fitting for the week i've had but anyway, Happy Birthday my fellow taurean. my birthday is saturday so feel free to send me any leftover cake :P

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!! =)

Jen said...

Seven days it is.
Happy B-day :)

InCruiseControl said...

Happy Birthday sweet thang!

Yum vegan cake! <3333

And YAY new song!

heather said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!! Hope you've had a great day!

Can't wait to hear the new song!

rEDcookiemontank said...

i hope it was a delicious cake, made with love and care and copious amounts of maple syrup. good, vermont kinda syrup too, not that crap at ralphs. and good frosting. because no one deserves bad frosting, especially on their birthday. thats just wrong.

happy birthday from long beach! hope your enjoying life so far.

Camilla said...

Happy Birthday! Eat some cake for me too :)

I'm so excited for the new song!


shanagdi said...

TEASE!! I cannot wait to hear the new song!! Thanks for sharing the title.

Hope you have had and are still having the best birthday ever!!

sunk into velvet said...

happy birthday hunter!!
i hope your birthday was super boss and you got tons of love and goodies :)

i'm so excited for the new song!


Zyriss said...

You make me feel pretty.

Can't wait for the tunes

Not Your Typical Mama said...



We love you honey, we really do.


Witching Hour said...

Thank you sir!!!
Cannot wait to hear it. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Witching Hour said...

Thank you sir!!!
Cannot wait to hear it!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday

Kaylee said...

I'm curious as to how a vegan cake is even made...Happy Birthday

Kaylee said...

I'm curious how a vegan cake is even made...hope you had a Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy [belated] Birthday!
Hope this coming year is as successful as the last. Enjoy all the yummy cake and well wishes.
Can't wait to hear the new groove.
<3 Caroline

radioactive cupcake said...

Hope your vegan cake was good and you ate it all yourself, cos come on, you're skinnier than me and I get called skeletor. So that's saying a lot.

Happy [belated] birthday. We sung to you in Stockholm, hope you were embarrassed a bit=P, haha.

Now where is the song...I have zero patience.


Masquerade Emotion said...

go forth and munch cake!
mwah xx





manz said...

Happy (belated) birthday! Sorry, I couldn't get on yesterday =(
Don't forget about the fact that everybody loves you!<3

Caitlin the Great said...

Happy (late) birthday to you, happy (late) birthday to you, happy (late) birthday dear Hunter, happy (late) birthday to you!

Singing that song doesn't work so well over the computer, as it turns out, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.

Sam said...

Happy birthday!! I each vegan cake was as good as the last. I drew ya a li'l somethin'.

DropDeadGorgeous said...

Hey Babe,

Happy B-lated Birthday!



JoeMama said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to hear it!

Amarantos Everlasting said...

Nice. Is it sappy? Hope not...and now for the moment of intrusion...why tranquil mammoth Hunter? What's with mammoth's?

Amarantos Everlasting said...

Nice. Is it sappy? Hope not...and now for the moment of intrusion...why tranquil mammoth Hunter? What's with mammoth's?

Igraine said...

Happy belated Birthday Hunter!!!
Hope you had an awesome day with tons and tons of cake.

iwannaddr2afi said...

happy birthday! I'm so excited, you may be my new favorite band. That sounds funny. Annnnd it's probably still AFI, really, but hunter revenge makes me DANCE!

Love peace and tofurky grease

iwannaddr2afi said...
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V I I said...

I'm going to love you now! Duh!

Happy Birthday Mr. Awesome!

Anonymous said...


Lilith said...

I hope you had a great birthday, and thanks for replying to my post on the afi board. It really made my week ^-^

I am very excited to hear the new song. Can Mr Burgan do no wrong?

xxxxxx <3

havok52 said...

i'm excited to hear it!

Miseria_Cantare314 said...

Happy Lately Birthday,

My computer was broken so i couldnt say it sooner and i Hope ur vegan birthday cake was good and that u had a great time.

Luv ya,
( )_( )
( wonders:" how do u make a Vegan Birthday Cake ?" and "When the heck is Jade gonna start to update his blogg?")

Teddy said...

dude, your birthday is only 4 days before mine!