Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Welcome to Tranquil Mammoth, the official Hunter Burgan blog...written by me, the real Hunter Burgan!
Just in case there's any question about the authenticity of that last statement, I've included this picture of me working on my damn blog:

I decided I needed a place where I could talk about what's going on in the multiple arenas of my life. AFI stuff, Hunter Revenge stuff, Macbeth, BADBRIX, The Force, The Frisk, BTR, films, getting weird, Mike Jacoby, food, anything! So here it is...TRANQUIL MAMMOTH! Check back often!

Stay Fresh,


Xx1dArKfLamExX3 said...

Awwww yay hunter has a blog =]
This is gunna be great now i don't have to go on myspace to be updated.

*thanks for messaging me back on there by the way**

shanagdi said...

I'm excited!! Something new for me to read!

xina_7 said...

oh, YAY!!!! can't wait for the new songs, and i LOVE the blog...you are truly a renaissance man :D

btw, thanks for trying to get the smaller shoe sizes, i have tiny little feet :)

love ya,

Pink PentherGirl said...

yay! my pink penther has a blog! I'm so stoked about this, you have no idea!

Wo Ai Ni said...

Yay! What a lovely birthday present for me! Thank you! See ya soon!

We should have a joint party sometime. We can play 24-hour party zone. Whoo!

By the way, I got to see you at Edgefest in TX recently. Amazing job! Glad you survived the heat. I fared about as well as Davey's mics: I got a bad sunbrun - only stopped peeling yesterday. It was worth it though! :)

Thanks again!

Jaleesa said...

Effin awesome. :D

Now I can stay fresh longer!

Vanessa said...

Awesome, I'm very excited that you have a blog!


ps. love the blog name!

NevHasTheEdge said...

Hunter has a blog
:] Yay

dannydunlop said...

Nice blog. Could use a Roy shout out or two. Just sayin'! Just sayin'...

nineteen84 said...

Excellent. I'm always up for some blog reading.

Zyriss said...

I wish Ihad known sooner.

But it'sall good.

Jza Christ said...
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Jza Christ said...

The Force, you say? Some Force news would be amazing. As would some Frisk news.

Not Your Typical Mama said...

Aww yay! I am very very excited about this. Hunter, you are SO fresh.

WastedTime1979 said...

Yes finally a blog for everything!

Ileana said...

I like your blog already, you didn't waste any time.

Kristi said...

Care to share the origin of the name of this blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hunter!
Welcome to Blogger :)
I'm guessing your pretty busy, but I would be thrilled if you'd check out my blog at http://littleblackpug.blogspot.com/

looking forward to reading your blog, stay fresh!

JoeMama said...

This is the best damn news I've heard all day long. Well at least in the last 5 minutes anyway. Welcome to the Internet.

NoirJet said...

Well that's great news because I'm never on MySpace to read blogs so immigrating to Blogger was a good idea!
I'm gonna leave you with my thought of the day: Tranquil Mammoth, the official Hunter Burgan blog...written by the real Hunter Burgan is interesting.

PS. Do you think your cat would want to post pictures of his face on your blog? ^^

Staying_Fresh_with_Hunter said...

Thank you so much for this Hunter. You don't know how much this means to us Hunter fans. To finally be able to find out what you are up to is so awesome and amazing. I love you Hunter!!!!

Stay Fresh,

Sam said...

Sweeeeet! I'm SO glad you did this (especially since Jade and Davey suck because they hardly ever blog!)

It's official: Hunter rules.

A girl named Grey said...

wow. I just found your blog.
I must be a complete noob..

haha. anyways, just
wanted to let you know that
i'm superbly stoked that you
got a blog.

Jade totally sucks at updating
(but I still love him.)
and you're a great musician.

Yayy for bassists!
(Yeah, I bass, too.)

Light (L.A) ^_^ said...

Thank you so much for the proof, nice picture by the way, good luck with your project (Hunter's Revenge) , oh yeah,

Tranquil mammoth, a deeper meaning or a random choice of words??? O_o peace Out!

tradedWorth said...

from Russia with love:)

ComeOnRussia said...

I AM LATE BUT THANKS 4 TITLE IN RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))