Monday, March 9, 2009

They Live!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! The Hunter, brought to you by Macbeth and yours truly is now available at as well as select Journey's retail locations!!! They live! In the midst of all this excitement, I look across the internet and I see a puzzled look on your face. I immediately know what you're thinking:
"But Hunter, which locations?"
To answer this question as precisely as possible, I am providing you with a list of all the select locations. Just right click or download or super-size (or something) this file:

I've been told that if I can't sell enough pairs of The Hunter through Journey's that it may not live to see the leaves change on the trees this Autumn. How sad! That's all these shoes ever wanted! (They also wanted to be the most badass bulletproof vegan high top that ever existed, but that wish was granted the day they were created.) The Hunter needs your help to make its dreams a reality. (That last sentence sounds really weird to me, but oh well.) quote the Bally's classic pinball machine, Eight Ball Deluxe,
"Quit talkin' and start chalkin'."


Jesse Elaine said...
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Jesse Elaine said...

The bulletproof part made me think, "why would I need bulletproof shoes?" which then leads to the answer of "what about cowboy movies where they make you 'dance' by shooting at your feet". This resulted in 1 minute and 37 seconds of visualizing a show down in which a cowboy was wearing The Hunter...pretty damn sweet.

I hate living in Oregon. Looks like I'll be oredering online

chaoskitten said...

hunter, the last comment with my name on it in your previous post wasn't put there by me! what does that phrase even mean?!

so kindly ignore it, it was clearly put there by a loser with no life *laughs*

just so you know! :)

those shoes are SO cool! :) :)

Jacks1234 said...

By any chance, do you know of any places in Canada or even better Ontario that are selling them?
My friend and I have been looking all the places that we can think of?
If you do that would be awesome!

Jay said...

They Live! is a great movie. The Hunter is a great shoe. I really need to get my hands on both.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind if you started referring to yourself as The Hunter.

Anonymous said...

The Hunter is probably the most awesomely awesome shoes ever!

But you know what sucks? only ship inside the US and to Puerto Rico. That equals me not getting my hands on The Hunter. :(

Bring a pair when you come anywhere near Sweden for another European tour?

Jo Emmaljunga said...

I was already making an online order but then noticed Journey's don't accept orders outside the US. Of course. How silly of me.

Could you please let us know if they start taking also international orders some day in the future? Thanks.

The Hunter has a burning desire to see(conquer) the world and that desire should not be suppressed!

Gillian said...

i really want a pair, but my mom's all "nuuuu. i'm gonna be lameass and not let you get them." so right now i'm pretty heartbroken. any ideas on how to convince her to let me get 'em?

oh, and by the way, i'm truly someone as amazing as you has to put up with assholes like that guy on your last blog.

Amanda said...

I'm glad I went ahead and just ordered them from a few weeks ago because they aren't at a Journey's near me. I am, however, sad I will not be able to help The Hunter make its dreams come true. Maybe I'll order a back-up pair from

ThisSideUp said...

Hunter your shoe is hugely expensive. I'm trying to save for university. I don't have the money for both! And I have to order online anyway, seeing as I live in freaking cold-ass Canada (you know it's -30° C right now?! How ridiculous is that?!).

Nevermore said...

I would absolutely love a pair, alas, the credit crunch hits high-tops too.

They got me into some nostalgic moment, I wish I could have a pair. Shipping to the UK would probably cost about as much as the shoe, stinky.

Drea said...

HELL YEAH! They're selling it at the mall here! Reno doesn't suck so much, for once! :D

Do want. I need new shoes anyways (although I'm pretty attached to my cheap-o Converse). Bulletproof? Well, if I ever get shot in the foot, I'll be okay and have you to thank for that. :]

Anonymous said...

holyshit those shoes cost a lot. Any chance they'll be showing up at TJ Maxx or something? ><; I don't care if they've been stripped of the bulletproofing, I just need it cheaper! (and preferably in sizes for small feminine feet.)

Courtney the Mighty said...

i am assuming from the title that the shoes are also zombie-proof. i must locate a pair asap, my brains are too tasty!

Bianca California said...

Your list is wrong.
"Padre Staples Mall" in Corpus Christi, TX is now "La Palmera Mall"
I work there.


Oh and the Journey's there doesn't have the shoe either.
I checked 2 days ago.


Hunter Burgan said...

Bianca California,
Hey maybe you could march into that Journey's and demand they special order you a pair. Tell them I sent you, although they probably don't know/care about's always just cooler when you can say "So-and-so sent me!"

Racquel Valencia said...

I should really start marketing myself better. Since you've got the shoe thing covered, maybe I could design a perfume. Because, you know, it's a totally original idea.

It's going to smell like cake, smoke and sorrow and I'll call it "All Tomorrow's Parties". I bet the Hot Topic crowd will be all over it.

as you wish said...

Ohhh, thank you for that list Hunter! I've been trying to find them but never thought that the tiny mall by my house would be carrying them! How do the sizes for these shoes run? Do they fit similar to van's? I'm gonna be sad if they don't fit me.

L.C. said...

sweet shoes Hunter! I hate shoe shopping so maybe i'll just buy 7 pairs. My Friday pair will be my favorite. I'll splurge once the Aussie dollar isn't 3rd world and I stop donating all my tips to the bush fire victims...

Amanda said...

I was in San Antonio today and checked the Journey's that's supposed to carry The Hunter. They didn't have them in! I told them Mr. Burgan sent me but they didn't know what I was talking about. I think you should contact Journey's; how can you sell your shoes if they don't carry them?!

Abigail~ said...

No Indiana locations? Gosh, are we really that bad of a state? ;^;

Anonymous said...

I just got The Hunter!
Well, I dont have them in my posession at the moment, but I ordered them!
So now my feet will be well protected with bulletproof shoes.