Friday, October 5, 2007

Launch of "Shoe Odyssey" Film Series & Contest

EPISODE ONE! Shoe Odyssey: A Look Inside Macbeth

Macbeth Footwear Presents: "Shoe Odyssey: A Look Inside Macbeth"

"Shoe Odyssey: A Look Inside Macbeth" - Macbeth Footwear's documentary on Foot Science and Awareness - launches today on The documentary has been split into three parts which will be viewable on Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, and several other sites, while the full-length version will be viewable exclusively on the Macbeth Footwear website.

The film was written by Hunter Burgan (AFI, General Foot Awareness Expert) and Dan Kelly (Head of Security for Macbeth).

Burgan pulled double-duty writing all of the music for the film, as well as hosting the three-part series. A graduate of the School of Life, Hunter takes his inspiration from arboretums, PBS, Mensa meetings, scuba diving, yoga and sunsets.

Kelly is inspired by Bruce Lee, cotton candy, The Alliance of Guardian Angels, rock carving, and General Patton - although he found the movie about Patton to be a little weak.

Foot Science and Awareness is a little-known branch in the footwear industry that has only recently made its way into mainstream science. Currently, Burgan and Kelly are the only two people in the world focusing on this research.

We invite you to follow this three-part series over the next few weeks, as we explore the origins of Macbeth Footwear, and its place in the history of the world.


girlisgrey said...

I seriously have to say that Macbeth shoes are the most comfortable things in this world.

Ohhh a HUNTAAA series.
Can't wait :)

vanessa said...

Haha! You crack me up. I love it.

Anonymous said...

You have opened by eyes.

Buuni said...

I can relate to Demetri, or should I say Chris-- my chemistry labs usually end up as well. Except without the not so magical poof, and a lower grade.

Also, is it a bad thing if I think I might have had that in a fortune cookie before?

This made me laugh so hard.


Buuni said...

Alas, it appears I am unable to use verbs-- *my chemistry labs usually end up like that as well.

Candace said...

Oh Hunter, you're so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. You two did a great job on that. I'd have to say my favorite part was the fortune cookie part...or maybe when you swallowed that shoe liquid, or Dimetri...Ahhh I can't decide!

dannydunlop said...

Awesome. And thank you SO much again for tomorrow!!!!!!!

You are too awesome.

shanagdi said...

HA! You crack me up.

I am not worthy!!

SilverXCold said...

oh I love you Hunter!

how did you keep a straight face?

lostangel said...

seriously funny stuff Hunter!!! I think you should take up acting...but only have some Hunter Revenge shows.

Cherol said...

I love that.

black_dust said...

Reminded me of Look around you

British spoof in the same style, check it out.

Nickie M. said...



Anonymous said...

this video made me laugh out loud literally. i love the subtle humor.

well done. maybe if you had been wearing some stay fresh macbeths, they would have sponsored you for the WGLUN video...

Candace said...

So I watched the whole video on Macbeth.

"CGI Doves!! What the fuck are you guys thinking!!? It doesn't make any sense! But these aren't any CGI doves, they're inhansed with black magic..."

And the credits, halarious.

'Best show ever cancled--Arrested Devlopment'
I'd have to agree with that statment.

Gret job Hunter and Dan.

JoeMama said...

Holy fuckballs this is funny. The most genius fucking part: "All your hard work will soon pay off 33, 2, 42, 31, 37, 7"

Greta said...

Finally someone has addressed this incredibly important scientific field!

Haras said...


I loved the doves.

A girl named Grey said...

What a nutcase.


I love how you were
laughing, and then you
just stopped laughing like,

Hey! The odd white dude in the
lab coat was holding Hunter Macbeths!

Annnddd... nice job on drinking
random liquids. Don't feel bad,
I probably would have done the
same. hahaha.


Bettie von Grim said...

ooohhh my god i'm dying laughing. That was so amazing. I'm writing PBS a letter of reccommendation to pick this eries up before some hot-shot network does.

oh man... dying... so funny. I love your faces hunter!

Buzz Royale said...

once again I cannot take part in the competition

Amarantos Everlasting said...

Hah you're always so funny. Thank you...and again, the shoes are amazing.

shygirlslose said...

I love the vid and everything but I was upset when I found out only US citizens can enter the competition. British people wear Macbeths too you know *strop*

Carbon Low Deity said...


"...Russian scientists from around the world."

Ohmahgawdthatwasamazing. Hunter, I love you.

Frenny said...

хо хо
очень смешно))
мне понравилось))
ты гений Ханти))

miseryXchord said...

I don't know if the world is ready for this knowledge...